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  1. And this is why they will get into financial trouble as the money comes from parts. Thank god for all the resin and 3d boys and girls out there.
  2. @rosco01 I will probably nervously do a thread on the build as I will have a ton of questions as its pointless re=inventing the wheel as they say. The body kit will be here in the next week or so. I sourced a second hand Cortina from Flatout Slot Cars at Dubbo. So we're almost ready to rock n roll. Originally I was going to used an in-line HRS2 chassis kit as I have a couple laying around; however they will be used on a two other builds I have planned. I have been doing a bit of reading on the Molotow that you are planning on using. Looks really good. Plus being durable is the added bonus.
  3. Great challenge you have set for yourself. What scale are you thinking?
  4. Looking good. The headlights look more like the real one. I have an LJ on order which should be d livered soon. Will have to look long and hard at your build and the other build I saw on the forum for motivation. One thing I will be playing with on mine is aluminium foil for Chrome. I watched a couple of YouTube clips and it looks really effective.
  5. @rosco01fantastic work. Loving the journey. Have you worked out what you are going to use for chrome yet?
  6. Oldskool62

    18k ff-050

    @Vinno thanks and appreciated. I will pm you. Cheers
  7. Oldskool62

    18k ff-050

    Hi Phil Thanks for the reply. I read what he previously wrote. Did you send him a couple later than when he replied? I am doing 2 x L34's and the motors are the only thing missing. I have been looking for a couple of C8301 motors and the places I have contacted seem to be sold out. So I am on the look out for two.
  8. @rosco01the house I am looking at buying has a garage in the middle of the house so that's the room for the hobbies.
  9. @rosco01I have a compressor for 1:1 painting as well as for running pneumatic tools. Real cars and bikes (had and did up a lot of Harley's, European and Japanese bikes) have been a lifelong passion for as long as I can remember; particularly muscle cars. Currently I have a 1978 Camaro that is what I call a mean looking beast; a bit like an old dog that's been in many a scrap; plenty of scars but mean looking. Next year I will re-paint it plus the plan is to start on another old girl. The plan is that we will be moving to the mid-north coast of NSW early next year. The place we are trying to buy has the garage away from the planned slot car / hobby room which will be in the house. So i need an air compressor that's going to play nicely inside the house :).
  10. @wobble Mate I love the way Kiwi's think outside of the square. NB: I will be in NZ quite a bit with work once the restrictions are off. Your beautiful city is one I will be visiting frequently. So I'd love to catch up with a few of the Kiwi enthusiasts over the time.
  11. Thanks for this my airbrush is an old Paasche kit that I bought secondhand a few months ago. An old friend prime in the late 70's was An amazing airbrush artist who used to blow me away with his work. I am going to buy an airbrush compressor in the next few weeks to save buying compressed air.
  12. @rosco01 thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the painting. I have an airbrush at home but have not air brushed models before as I have hand painted all of them so I am looking forward to this stage of your build. Do you clear the entire car once you apply the decals. Also with the Tamiya paint I hand painted from the pot. Do you think it down?
  13. @rosco01This morning I have read the entire thread with great interest. Thanks for the motivation this thread has given me. I have ordered an LJ body kit and so the journey will begin. Out of curiosity what plastic do you use for windows?
  14. Until recently the company company I worked for had a V8 supercar that Brad Jones managed. For the last 5 year (not including this year) I was at all the events. Over the years I have met a lot of the old warriors so I might have see if I can get it signed. I have a real 1978 Camaro and am going to drop the glove box off the Brad Jones so he can get Kevin Bartlett to sign it for me.
  15. I never liked them in their day because of the Holden ford thing but now I absolutely love them.
  16. Yes please. Will be placing my order today. It will definitely not be a shelf queen.
  17. Oldskool62

    18k ff-050

    The great things about forums are what you learn.
  18. Oldskool62

    18k ff-050

    Cheers for this. I picked up a couple of Torana bodies that I want to put stock chassis under. The Scalextric FF motors from suppliers are around $45-$50 so I thought these motors I have seen online might be the go. I did notice some of these motors are used in a heap of different things. That's why I was wondering what is the difference was between the Scalextric and other applications.
  19. Oldskool62

    18k ff-050

    Old thread but here we go. What did these motors perform like. I was looking today at some and I thought they might be worth giving a go?
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