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  1. And they will be popular. Just have a look at the amount of resin and 3d prints. Definitely on my wish list. The other two models for me are the XR & XT Falcons.
  2. @VinnoA Charger would be fantastic. It would sell out fairly quick.
  3. The collecting is a big part of the hobby for me as well. I guess my point is that I would have thought that commercially for Scalextric a new race livery would have been more viable.
  4. Oldskool62

    Innes Park Raceway

    @grefEnjoying the progress. What are you using for the router guide? I couldn't make it out.
  5. I'm a little bit "why" about the Vic XY police car. All the rest I have ordered.
  6. @gazzaThe (roofless) Cobra & the notchback Mustangs are the ones that tick the box for me. The Cobra is one that I have wanted for a while. I'm also curious to see how the Cobra will go.
  7. Love to know when my Policar 412 Le Mans 1967 car will get here. I have had it on order for almost a year now and by all accounts it loos like mid this year.
  8. Oldskool62

    New Scalextric Cars

    @WobbleI can see a Hemi Cuda set up tutorial coming on
  9. I keep it in the fridge and it seems to be fine.
  10. Pretty amazing. That's thinking outside the square.
  11. Oldskool62

    Sorell Creek Track

    How good is that. Belated happy birthday.
  12. Hahaha I did read the fine print. @Wobble it's a totally different beast to what it was & has a lot of potential for sure. One of the guys who put's together some seriously quick cars is having a play with it so I'll be curious to see how it goes next week.
  13. Mine gets thrown in the deep end today and raced against the local guys in the Trans Am class. @Wobblethanks for the set up tips.
  14. @WobbleI'll hold 5 on the sanding of the MJK's. Found a set of tyres for the front that does the job. Also put ting some weight in the magnet pocket as you suggest. I take it goes in the original magnet location right at the rear behind the motor? @mattcrackersLooks awesome Matt. Not sure which part number you used on the rear but I have 4811's on mine and it looks slightly lower profile than the ones you have and fit good. Once I learn how to post pictures I'll put some up. Cheers Warren
  15. @WobbleBar sanding the new MJK rears, its ready for a test. Thanks again. NB: Did you use any weight? The 1st pic looks like weight under the car.
  16. @wobble thanks for the set up help.
  17. @WobbleThanks for this. I have mine on the set up plate as we speak. Armed with my trusty Dremmel (could be dangerous).
  18. @Wobble I'd love a few pointers on getting them right as they are also one of my favorites as well. I have a HQ Monaro at home that I put a HRS2 chassis under but also have another body to do so thanks for the heads up about the Cougar chassis.
  19. The chassis Pendle & Shapeways sell are that far ahead of the Scalextric Cougar chassis. The Cougar IMO is the worst car in that series to get to handle. I was asking Harry Wise (HRW) about tackling the beast on a video tutorial and Harry even said it's a challenge. In saying this I lover that model car and will go down the 3D chassis path myself
  20. @gazzaAwesome work? I much prefer the hand painting you have done over "manufactured colouring. @rosco01I have the Moffat Coke Mustang that came out as a limited run (which think they all did , the Bob Jane Camaro and his HQ
  21. Oldskool62

    RIP Sir Frank

    An amazing man. R.I.P.
  22. @NimROD444Don't apologise the journey was good.
  23. Brilliant work. I am doing one at the moment as well. What chassis is that based on?
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