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  1. For me I find the "like for like" type racing my favorite. I have grouped my cars in categories of what they raced in real life plus what the performance of the slot car is. For example I get a buzz out of my Carrera and Scalextric muscle cars and old touring cars as I do out of my lNSR, Slot.it's etc. I guess for me being a model enthusiast a lot of enjoyment is seeing the models you really like on a track going at pace that you and it are capable of.
  2. @rosco01Bought some of the Tamiya product yesterday.
  3. @Garry Jwent to buy some yesterday at a hobby shop and he didn't stock it. Only had tamiya putty which I was going to get for doing some fine dent repairs. However I still have to get some.
  4. @rosco01I have been caught out over the years detailing things and then find they don't fit. I remember doing a 1961 Triumph Tiger 110 and this happended.
  5. Vince I love that car you built. If my one turns out 1/.2 as good I will be a happy man. What yellow did you use?
  6. @rosco01The body is getting there. I applying the same logic as when I build a 1:1 car or bike and that is test fit everything then paint and detail.
  7. @Vinno what interior did you use? I am going to do this build as well. Ordered the decals from Patti and am in the middle of doing the body. @rosco01 thanks for the detail inspiration.
  8. @Garry JThanks I will hunt it down. Cheers Warren
  9. Hi All Yesterday I received my LJ Torana & HQ Monaro resin bodies. Today I started giving them the once over and noticed on both that they need a fair bit of work. Areas like around the windows need to be built up and straightened. I was thinking about using something like JB Weld or a similar epoxy. Or is tamiya putty ok? Help will be greatly appreciated. This is my first build.
  10. @mus-28no go on the Bluebird so back to the drawing board.
  11. Would love to see more detail of that track. Great collection you have.
  12. @mus-28Thanks very much for this. I will make contact with them and let you know. Just made contact and its looking really promising.
  13. @Vinno I have two PCR chassis coming for my original dick Johnson Sierra's that I will be grafting the PCR chassis in. When my Slot.it Nissan gets here hopefully the Sierra's will be sorted. I have a couple of M3's that I might have to give a birthday present as you are doing. :-)
  14. It has to be under scale if it is to fit in to a standard case. The original car is huge so it's a no brainer.
  15. @Vinno Thanks for this.I'll keep an eye out for Nimrod. I got on to a guy who is looking into it. I really liked the George Fury Car.
  16. @Vinnoi work in a chaotic world where I travel about 30 plus weeks a year so I get where you're coming from.
  17. Oldskool62

    Nissan Bluebird

    I have always loved the George Fury Nissan Bluebird since the first day it raced. Yes I am a V8 nut but there was something about this car. Does anyone know of a resin body for this car in 1/32? I'd love to add it to my Aussie race car collection. Cheers
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