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  1. @TonyaussieThat's the one. The Bartlett car was based on a 77 model and It raced for a few years. The 80 model Scalextric are bringing out just give me a little hope. Check out youtube for some old footage.
  2. I got my notification that my Nissan and the Plymouth Cuda are heading my way. Exciting times.
  3. @rosco01Welcome back. Looking forward to your updates on your scratch builds as well. Recently got my NSR P68 & GT40 recently as well as the A9X.
  4. I have both the Dan Gurney and the Spa Cuda's on order. The Spa Cuda is the one out of the two I'm looking forward to. Love my American and Aussie muscle cars. Thanks Scalextric.
  5. @gazzaThanks for taking time posting these clips. I bought two Carrera Monz'a recently. One to do the Brock driven Bob Jane car and the other to do the Allan Moffat Federation car.
  6. @NimROD444 It looks fantastic. Well done.
  7. @ShaynusI'll post one when I can figure how to post pictures hahaha.
  8. I'm hanging out for the Bastos Camaro and the 80 Z28 street car. Dave Kennedy had a Bastos car that Scalextric sent him. IMO it is one of the best looking cars, I have a 1:1 78 Camaro and will be doing the street car as a replica of it. @munterdid some awesome american racing whel torq thust D inserts which my real car has.
  9. Home Racing World has a bit on them.
  10. @SlotsNZ Mark looking back on it the crowd were pretty ordinary.
  11. I'm pretty happy that this car isn't that far away now.
  12. Oldskool62

    Wacky Races

    The old anthill mob car would make a cool slot car.
  13. @mtpanoramaThis car is on my shopping list. I don't think it will be a fast seller so I will eventually get on to add to my U.S. collection. My A9X and XY backorder arrived today so I have to make the pennies spread well now I'm not working.
  14. Oldskool62

    Wacky Races

    I'll be getting these. Wacky Races was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.
  15. @Vinno thanks for the write up it was a great read. Last week I got notified my backorder for both cars has been filled and I should have both cars either today or tomorrow. I think now I have also have all the Torana's and XW,XY, XA, XB & Xc's released. BUT like you I'm hanging for the Slot.it Skyline to arrive.
  16. @VinnoApologies mate gave the credit to the wrong person. I'll blame it on the early morning.
  17. @Sports RacerPendle Slot Racing has a 3D printed chassis that looks pretty trick.
  18. I saw that Alpha race quite a few times. @gazzaFantastic job mate.
  19. Mate that looks awesome.
  20. @gazzaI'm 6 weeks into retirement and don't know where I had time to fit work in
  21. @VinnoMy focus is the same Aussie cars or cars that raced here.
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