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  1. Great detail Ross. The tyres are different.
  2. @Wobble thanks I'll give it a go. I have various hobby knives at home and this plastic is tough.
  3. Hi All, I recently tested the water and bought a couple of 3D printed bodies. One is Dick Johnson's Fox body Mustang and the other is a EB Falcon, Both cars have the usual printing lines which after reading many posts won't be a problem to tackle. However both cars don't have the gaps around the doors and bonnet, If anything the gaps go outside not inwards. In saying this there is enough "meat' in the print on the inside to cut the gaps. Do you go to this detail; if so how do you cut the gaps? I was thinking a hot knife would be the go as the plastic is really hard. The other option is just ignoring that amount of detail and just do a good job on the paint and decals. Cheers Warren
  4. @ShaynusI'm more than happy to buy off the shelf wheels for the same reasons. I don't think I would ever get them right. @rosco01thanks for the education so far. I'm looking forward to your chassis build journey.
  5. For me I find the "like for like" type racing my favorite. I have grouped my cars in categories of what they raced in real life plus what the performance of the slot car is. For example I get a buzz out of my Carrera and Scalextric muscle cars and old touring cars as I do out of my lNSR, Slot.it's etc. I guess for me being a model enthusiast a lot of enjoyment is seeing the models you really like on a track going at pace that you and it are capable of.
  6. @rosco01Bought some of the Tamiya product yesterday.
  7. @Garry Jwent to buy some yesterday at a hobby shop and he didn't stock it. Only had tamiya putty which I was going to get for doing some fine dent repairs. However I still have to get some.
  8. Hey Chas thanks for this.
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