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  1. @NimROD444Don't apologise the journey was good.
  2. Brilliant work. I am doing one at the moment as well. What chassis is that based on?
  3. I can see the credit card getting another hiding.
  4. I'd like to send a big thank you to @NimROD444. A bit late in posting something but I have been busy with "non slot car" things and it's better late than never. The print of the Bluebird has a lot of detail I like, little things ie the internal rear view mirror and the dash top. Very light body that I will either put a PCR Sierra, Shapeways or a Slot.it HRS chassis under it. Like all my cars (except about 5) the car won't be a shelf queen. Once I get the Bartlett car and Dicky's XD finished this will be pushed up the production line (Ihave about 30 plus bodies waiting to be built) as this car is one I have wanted for a long time. Now to track down the George Fury livery.
  5. I can watch KB racing that car all day.
  6. @rosco01Are you not using the floor polish over the decals?
  7. @gazzaThey look aweseme mate.
  8. @NimROD444Thanks so much. This car is pretty special to me as it was a giant killer on the track. Being an all things V8 person and watching George Fury and this weapon was a pretty amazing time. Now the hunt for decals.
  9. @WobbleI have a couple of Pioneer typhoon motors that I am told work well in Carrara's. I have a couple of Chevy Monza's that I want to make into (Bob Jane Brock driven) and (Moffat Federation) and want to use the motors for them.
  10. @TonyaussieNot sure what's out there in slot car form but being a Japanese Truck (Hino) I think that there would be model kits readily available.
  11. @TonyaussieThat's the one. The Bartlett car was based on a 77 model and It raced for a few years. The 80 model Scalextric are bringing out just give me a little hope. Check out youtube for some old footage.
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