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  1. DanB

    Analog to digital

    Also is there any other brand of cars that will run on the digital carrera circuit without any chip change? Seen some great Holden’s and Fords in scalextric wouldn’t mind getting a few if they can run on track
  2. Hello all have a few questions just to clear things up so I don’t purchase useless cats or parts. To start off I have purchased a carrera digital track and was wondering if I can run analog cars on this track (knowing it will run like an analog track). Will the cars run like normal or will there be like flat spots preventing smooth running. Can I get any other digital cars that can run on this track without any kind of conversions as the chips are very expensive to purchase and wait time of arrival is long.
  3. Hello all I’m Dan from Victoria, new starter in this hobby and wanting to know heaps so apologise ahead if I ask a lot o questions. Haven’t had a slot car set since I was a kid one with batteries and an old AFX set so very new to the game. Currently I have a 1:43 Carrera set and a 1:32-1:24 digital set on its way
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