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  1. Sadly my father Murray Scott passed away peacefully Monday morning on his 80th birthday at Lourdes valley in care, I know there are members here who knew him and I'm now trying to compile a list of significant results from his time racing, so far we have the Duncan 200 in 65, Third in the 68 Brabham and I see he won the Lincoln park f1 race in 67, if anyone is able to fill in more details we his family would be very appreciative, Kind regards Alexis Scott
  2. Sadly I now need to inform the group Dad Passed away peacefully at Lourdes valley on his 80th Birthday
  3. I'd assume from this post that you knew my Father Murray Scott, hes not well currently and I was talking with him today about the good old days for him and slot cars is one of the passions we have both shared over the years although he did most of his before I came along and I did mine at Redline in the late 80s early 90s, if you have anything cool to fill me in on his history at Sheltons I'd love to hear it, Regards Alexis Scott
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