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  1. Thanks for hosting last night Mac, and thank you lads for the entertainment. always a great night. Pips slotdogs were on point. Please pass on our thanks to Pip. Mac , have a safe trip away with the family and Happy Birthday for next Saturday.
  2. Cant make racing this week lads, I have been summons by my employer.
  3. All the best for today lads. If i wasn't putting dreams in driveways i would be joining you.
  4. I don't think we have any 307s , getting a bit old now . HSV entry level is now 340kw but we do have the HSV GTS 6.2 ltr Superchaged V8 with all the Walkinshaw upgrades that pumps out 507kw. can be yours for the bargain price of $144,990.
  5. You will understand when you see it. Will be parked outside Pedros by 6.15
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