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  1. Hey guys these are my last two cars completed thanks for the help zegas Im currently looking for forbes/negus 1974 bathurst 2nd place also 1975 bathurst moris/gardner,2nd place,also 1976 bathurst bond/harvey ive had no luck finding these decals.hope someone can help.I can make the decals in exel but need someone to print with white ink but cant find anyone with white ink i may have to get it done oversea's ????
  2. thanks heeeps got them and half way through painting it cheers life saver
  3. Thanks zegas your a life saver i couldn,t find this patto has an interesting index system to say the least.cheers.
  4. Thanks heaps its the second one ill send for one your a life saver cheers.
  5. Hi there everyone just hoping someone could help i model 1/64 scale diecast cars and im looking for 1974 goss/bartlett set of decals even if its 1/24 scale set and i could pay someone to resize it to 1/64 scale and print it for me i would be very gratefull cheers, hope to hear from someone.
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