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  1. I meant to ask last time where was the track at Everton Park? It was on South Pine Road, opposite where Stafford Road ended. It was upstairs, I just looked at Google Maps (street view) and I think it was the brick building that now has signs covering up the window. I have fond memories of that window facing the street being open on hot nights, and if a car came off the track at the end of the straight they could fly off the banking, out the window and land on the awning over the footpath. Fun Times.....! cheers BP PS will reply with more to you and SlotsNZ asap....
  2. g'day DM, nice to hear from you - yeah the Enoggera track was at the squash courts - I preferred it to Everton Park because it was never busy and i really liked the track layout I'm going to build a routed track, layout so far comes in at a nice 3m x 1.5m - I was thinking of using a flooring called Yellowtongue, 19mm thick, 3600x800 sheets only $42 and the yellow plastic edging down one side makes a nice fit with adjoining sheets - I was thinking about bolting the two sheets together with braces underneath so it can be taken apart easily are there any 1/24 scale cars that are under $100? the cars I've been looking at on the interweb thingy are all around $200, way too rich for me...and da boyz at the top of the hill I got a huge amount of technical stuff I need to find out so run away now if you want, I'd understand! cheers m8 BP
  3. OK, I've seen the price of 1/24 cars, so it looks like I will definitely be going for 1/43 scale ! BP
  4. Hi y'all, boleropilot here - a very long time ago (around 60 years actually) me and my two brothers were slot car fanatics - there were two tracks close enough to Wavell Heights (BrisVegas) to cycle to, one at Enoggera and another at Everton Park, the latter about twice as big as the former - happy days.... Aviation has always been my major hobby pursuit and I am lucky enough to have my own 200 metre 'strip for RC aircraft at our property near Boonah S E Qld. Recently I came across a YouTube video of a 24 hour slotcar race at Le Mans, and I was amazed to see multiple vehicles racing on the same slot - I'm assuming the voltage to the track is constant and the throttle position is via radio control? But what happens when a faster car catches the one in front??? Anyway, I am still a slotcar fan and having lived in an Old Queenslander house for 20 years, I'm fairly handy with woodworking. I've decided I'm going to build a little track for the two young fellas that live at the top of the hill. They have access to a garage with concrete floor and 240 volts, space is limited to around 3 metres by 2 metres. After watching the recent Mugello (Tuscany) F1 GP I have decided on that plan, it looks like a very nice circuit. I haven't looked at availability of cars as yet but the cars we raced were 1/24, so that's the size I'd like to use. From all of the above I would really appreciate any advice you can give. Cheers BP
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