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  1. Hi Gary, Thank you very kindly for responding. Pardon my newbie questions. Where are the photos please? Is there a special way to view them? Thanks a million! Ken
  2. Hi Munter. Please pardon the silly question. Do you happen to know why the pics are gone? Thanks, Ken
  3. Vinno. Thank you very kindly for a very sensible explanation. I fully understand your point of view, and would probably do the same in your shoes. I did not figure out how to post photos until after I joined and said hello. It's not fair of me to complain about a system that works. However. I would rather pay a fee to the forum for a premium membership including photo storage than pay another third party. Just saying... Maybe when I retire, I can take the time to down load everything to a third party. I wish AUSlot nothing but success.
  4. Thank you very kindly for another warm welcome. Hey brother Wobble. I had a photobucket account years ago when they were free. They said we will never charge me to store my pics. So I bought into it. Then one day they changed their minds and sent me a notice saying they now wanted money from me. I told them to hit the road. I would dearly love to post a gaggle of builds. I have them on file. But unfortunately got stopped at the door. I humbly apologize, but I'm not going to DL all my pics to a third party. I don't need the exposure that badly that I'll jump through hoops for it. But I will gladly support everyone, and help where ever I can. That's too bad for this site that they won't own the content like other forums. Photobucket can hold them over a barrel. The text means nothing without the photos. I'll never say never. But I don't expect to open a Photobucket account any time soon.
  5. Hi John. "Eh" is a bit Canadian eh? I wish I could see the photos.
  6. Nice work Zack. How low can you go? That looks perfect.
  7. I know this might be a silly question but... why can't I see the pics? It's just a huge paragraph of letter and numbers. Thanks, Ken
  8. Chris. The body, chassis, and wheels all look amazing so far! I will keep my sun glasses close by, and ready to wear for when it's painted and completed. We already know from experience that we need to protect our eyes from the shine and glare sparkling off your cars.
  9. Hi Chris, Your cars all sparkle, and have that new car smell. They just can't get any better than that! Thank you very kindly for sharing your soldering skills. I'm quite certain my strange contraptions won't resemble your jewelry for a little while yet. More practice you say? Count me in.
  10. Looks good Alexis. When concerned about a small wrinkle in the decal... keep the car in motion and it already looks better.
  11. Hi Chris. Your work is as close to perfection as one can hope for. The car looks absolutely beautiful!
  12. Nice looking livery Shaynus. Your shelves must be fully stocked with light blue and orange paint in bulk.
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