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  1. Hi folks, I have posted on a different forum my latest work in miniaturising digital slot car decoders. And thought I should post a quick summary here too. As a hobbyist venture I have built functioning SSD-compatible digital decoders with dimensions of 10.8mm by 5.4mm. The thickness is 4.4mm. The decoders have motor/brake circuits and change lanes and count laps on SSD. I am now working on smaller designs... next a 8mm x 5mm design... then smaller still c [my handle on slotform is Dr_C... but not everyone likes doctors including me ... so renamed myself as c-type... after my favourite racing jag]
  2. Many thanks Shaynus, looking forward to contributing here c
  3. Many thanks to munter, PG and drifter for the kind welcome. c
  4. Yes, same C, but re-badged as I dream of sitting at the wheel of a golden era racing machine.
  5. Hi folks, I like dabbling with slot car electronics so thought I should join the forum, do some sharing, and plenty of learning from others. I run plastic track, mainly SSD, also O2. My tracks usually have dataloggers and oscilloscopes somewhere close by, where others might place scale scenery. Hope to visit Australia one day. I did spend a week in NZ in the beautiful city of Auckland a few years back. C-Type
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