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  1. i see/know this ,but what i am after is a chart to reference by eg ,paulgauge tyres have a code like 20125 20 = outer diameter 12 = width 5 = step width so it is easy to know what tyres you want what i want is a chart to tell me what mjk size tyres = what code number is that too hard for mjk to do
  2. how do you relate the code ,eg 4807 to a size if i want a size to fit my rims then how do i know which code it relates to
  3. it is a good idea ....but . i think that to have nationals ,first you need to have state associations with state titles first when that happens you then get a national association going then each state would rotate the nationals i,ve been involved in state and national title events from within a well organized association and it only works if you have LOTS of dedicated people willing to give up their time for the sport involved those people who stick to their little world of local club racing and never venture out into the big world don,t know what they are missing to participate in a state title and then go interstate for a national championship is something to cherish for ever but it will never happen in slots until each state starts up it,s own association first
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