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  1. itermttantly i am getting error page 500, says too many connections? just happens when i try to open auslot.com
  2. on offset gears, Put the same color paint dot as the regular gears.
  3. Thanks Paul, It's great to hear you can finally visit your family since Australia has eased COVID restrictions. I m not sure what or why Mr Gunn is having some issues? Maybe it is UK humor? Need to loosen your drawers? home track has big advantages, car tuned on these tracks are going to be at the top. It is expected. They tune all types of cars and run on these tracks consistantly, so their car and tuning is going to be better than someone that has never seen or driven the track. That is proxy racing. This proxy is far from being over (only round 2 completed, 8 more to go), Australia seems to have the tightest Covid restrictions, so that is why the proxy and reporting seems slow (I am sure that is OK with all of us). The proxy seemed to have a slow start, but Paul was waiting for all the cars to arrive. I sent my car to australia 2-3 weeks before shipping deadline, it took 62 days to arrive. This proxy is the only one that has had regular reporting (before covid), and race videos on almost every track. This year race 2 has had a commentary of the cars, sometimes helpful on each car. Not many proxies have a body off reveal at the end of the series, Paul did it last year and i am sure he will do it again. Looking at race 2 results, Mr Gunn is at the top of all the UK entries and above most of the other entries from around the world, (so quit complaining). If you wish to withdraw you car, you can, but it already there and lets see what shakes out. (I don't know you but now I hope you don't withdraw so i can watch and see my car beat yours). Lance
  4. Thanks for round 1. as expected, Aussies in top 3 positions. Im happy with my run 10th, hopeful it will get up closer to the front. Thanks Paul and crew or blokes
  5. Great to hear. 1st priority is keeping everyone safe. We all can wait a bit longer. Lance
  6. i heard they are extending the current lockdown, but lets see what info Paul has
  7. Is 20mm X10mm the rim size, or is that the finished tire size on the rim? Is the rim for a 1/32 or 1/24 slot car? Many options to choose from. Paul Gage , MJK, super tires. You might let us know what size the rim is first, then the tire can be chosen. larger rims will make the tire taller. Since you look to be from near Sydney, here is a MJK 4213 SLOT.IT 20 X 10, from slot shop. http://www.slotshop.com.au/mjk-4213-slot.it-20-x-10
  8. Thanks Paul. Intresting about the rear wings on the cars. I did not think i packed them that tight, but with something like 58 days shipping over seas, anything can happen.
  9. australian post says our cars delivered today to Braidwood. lance
  10. Hey Paul, good news, Our Cars are in Sydney today Sept 7. hopefully they get to you in couple of days. lance
  11. I had same thoughts. Monday i sent Sport racer a PM stating that when covid restrictions lift and he is able to start round 1, go ahead and start even if Aloha and my cars are not there, If an when our cars show up maybe we can join in. ours cars still show in customs in germany
  12. Proxy car still held in customs. I check almost every day. still in held in customs in frankfurt germany 0827 2021

  13. our cars still show as held in customs in frankfurt germany as of today 0814 2021. shipping for over month, sent on july 12 i think i will spend the extra money for Fed ex next time.
  14. good question. i just checked the and it is for braidwod, nsw, and australia was spelled out, not abbreviated.
  15. dale and my cars are still held at customs in Germany. I dont know why it went to germany. lance
  16. I will keep you updated on our touring cars shipping.

    today it is being held in customs frankfurt germany 072821



    1. Sports Racer

      Sports Racer

      No rush. There’s still a lot of cars to be delivered.



  17. 2 cars from Hawaii sent this week. Aloha and Lancelot. posted at USPS july 12 LH145775445US Kaneohe to honolulu to los angeles to atlanta to frankfurt, germany package is in frankfurt germany on 072321 being held in customs frankfurt germany 072821 checked everyday, still held in customes in frankfurt germany, 0814 2021 check almost every day. still in held in customs in frankfurt germany 0827 2021
  18. I'll have something for this. Maybe different than last year. Dale says he is in too.
  19. Great to hear you are in good spirits, and things went well. Maybe I can get a trip back over there to race with you and kick your butt this time. Lance
  20. posting in Jan is Ok with me. Dont forget to get pictures of the top 5. lance
  21. Thanks to Paul and crew (mates) for hosting and running this proxy. I was hoping my car would get better as the proxy continued, but it didnt. This groups builders are different from last year, I think quicker cars and better handling. I enjoy the after videos. We will be watching for the video.
  22. I agree with 32coupe and Paul. In All proxies, if a racer has an problem with their car, the host or organizers try hard to get it fixed so the proxy can continue with all cars. No problem, not tuning the car to make it faster. The idea to keep as many cars racing in the proxy as possible, as it would be hard to send the car home from Australia to the USA or UK with the postal fee s and especially time since this proxy is running a race every week. Some, if not most of these tracks are rough because of a ferrodore paint. this surface is different for us in the US and probably the UK. Looking thru what Paul has done for this proxy, hosting, scheduling, organizing, reporting, videos, and repairs, this has been a great proxy. I am sure when ALS stated he will send 3 sets of tires, he was joking. Looking at Peter G placings (top5 in first 5 races) should not be worried.
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