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  1. With only 6 rounds completed, you think this proxy is finished? It has slowed down but it still has several tracks to go yet. Im sure Paul is busy or this would be moving along. Lance
  2. Thanks Paul and his crew. Surprised with my finish. yes, my car just doesn't have it. Lance
  3. Wow things have slowed down. Hopefully things are OK down under. Any news when this proxy gets going again?
  4. Whats happening with this proxy? I hope everything is OK. Mybe more covid lockdowns with the new varints? Have not seen any post from Paul lately. Lance
  5. I saw the slot car chat and heard you are looking for magnabraid. try Jim Honeycutt in San Antonio, Texas

    jimht@att.net or jimhtt@hotmail.com

    (210) 308-6909

  6. Thank you Paul, and drivers and host. another exciting round.
  7. itermttantly i am getting error page 500, says too many connections? just happens when i try to open auslot.com
  8. on offset gears, Put the same color paint dot as the regular gears.
  9. Thanks Paul, It's great to hear you can finally visit your family since Australia has eased COVID restrictions. I m not sure what or why Mr Gunn is having some issues? Maybe it is UK humor? Need to loosen your drawers? home track has big advantages, car tuned on these tracks are going to be at the top. It is expected. They tune all types of cars and run on these tracks consistantly, so their car and tuning is going to be better than someone that has never seen or driven the track. That is proxy racing. This proxy is far from being over (only round 2 completed, 8 more to go), Australia seems to have the tightest Covid restrictions, so that is why the proxy and reporting seems slow (I am sure that is OK with all of us). The proxy seemed to have a slow start, but Paul was waiting for all the cars to arrive. I sent my car to australia 2-3 weeks before shipping deadline, it took 62 days to arrive. This proxy is the only one that has had regular reporting (before covid), and race videos on almost every track. This year race 2 has had a commentary of the cars, sometimes helpful on each car. Not many proxies have a body off reveal at the end of the series, Paul did it last year and i am sure he will do it again. Looking at race 2 results, Mr Gunn is at the top of all the UK entries and above most of the other entries from around the world, (so quit complaining). If you wish to withdraw you car, you can, but it already there and lets see what shakes out. (I don't know you but now I hope you don't withdraw so i can watch and see my car beat yours). Lance
  10. Thanks for round 1. as expected, Aussies in top 3 positions. Im happy with my run 10th, hopeful it will get up closer to the front. Thanks Paul and crew or blokes
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