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  1. I have a couple sets MJK mounted , glued and trued mjks sitting in a plastic container for a few months with recent inactivity due to covid etc and I noticed they had developed moisture drops on the surface. like they were leaching out some liquid or another. we only use water when sanding tyres , they are nice n smoothe surface but feel slightly slimey. must be an age thing with these. yet to put them on a car and see if any grip still there.
  2. thanbks for your comment. funny you mentioned red. I have a scaley camaro with mjks on and have a red tinge to them as well. that car stored on its roof (like all my cars are now) except that blasted mini in the box.
  3. folks, I made the mistake of storing my brm tyred brm mini on its wheels for 3 months, due to covid and raceway closures. I now have 2 nice flat spotted rear tyres. is there any way to restore these without sanding? was thinking spinning the tyres for a week (centrifugal force maybe) . don't want to consider any chemicals, our tracks here its forbidden thoughts?
  4. gear lash may be the issue. a tad too loose perhaps
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