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  1. II ended up pulling all the cars apart and giving them a good over, changed braids and cleaned the track, now I'm back in business Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi Charlesx I'll look into that, thanks
  3. Thanks, sounds like a few hours of TLC
  4. Hi After packing my Scalextric away for a number of years, I have brought it out and what I thought would be a easy afternoon with a simiple loop has turned into WTF is going wrong. When I put the cars on the track nothing happened, when I lifted the cars and pressed the throttle the car would run then stop, when I let go of the throttle and pressed it again same thing again. When I held the car up and it was running and set it back on the track it would stop. I disconnected the power base and just ran 12 volts to check the connections and that was all fine. Cleaned the track. Now the digial system is old, 6 car PB version 1.2 which I had converted to the simple-h mod with PB Pro Software and it all worked fine before I put it away, I also tried a the standard analog power base with the same results, used different cars, even motorbikes (analog). I have no idea where to start with this one, if anyone has any ideas that would great. Cheers
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