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  1. Good picture of original material on left and a stuccoed version on right
  2. This is what they look like from the manufacturer. Basically laser cut thin MDF except mine didn’t have the fancy windo inserts and balcony posts of this later version
  3. Decided to work on my Italian Village today. Originally ProScalehobbies buildings I had already used grout in two different colors for the deliberately rough stucco look but all the windows and balconies and doors were identical and not painted so I added some changes including changing the roof tile look to be closer to the real thing Buildings before And after Roof before and after
  4. Don’t knock your house down mate, just take over the next door house
  5. Hmmmm I have an extensive set of guides all labeled. Let me look tomorrow. Ping me if I haven’t answered then
  6. Beautiful resin car bodies from the now sadly departed Doug Haynes and his Resilient Resins brand. link to posting on slotforum.com https://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=196707#entry2349629
  7. Peter does Amato also do Chassis for the Dodge Charger and the Plymouth? I understand the one chassis fits the 63 Galaxie, the 65 Galaxie and the Fairlane? Would love to set up all mine this way
  8. So I got hold of some more Group A Touring cars. The M3’s exclude the SCX versions in the image above these are just Scalextric and Fly/ Slotwings the Sierra’s are Ninco, Scalextric, SCX and Team Slot
  9. Finally found it and asked to be allowed in. Thank you so much.
  10. Wow. Autocorrect. vinno!
  11. Connor can you dm me a link or something as to where you went for it. My incompetence knows no bounds!
  12. Nice approach, very friendly there are a lot more detailed photos available if anyone is interested in me posting them here
  13. Those are looking good. Is that some sort of matrix inside the bodies for structural support?
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