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  1. OK thanks Chris I do have a Dremel but have only used it for grinding and polishing to date......some practice runs with a cutting disc first are in order I would say! Then a deep breath Cheers Rob
  2. Hi there Chris - about to get handy with one of those tubes but if you don’t mind I’d appreciate any tips on removing that section. Is it just filed down? Cheers very much
  3. Not sure I’d be brave enough! They do just seem brittle to me at the end of the day. Me personally I’d stick with an old style pod if bushings were the decider - someone somewhere put me on to Shoo Goo for gluing in motors and I can confirm its really good. Easy on and relatively tidy looking, also removable.
  4. We run one completely open class and one which is almost open but for an 18k motor limit and a Le Mans pedigree of any era. 18k motors are not all created equal as we know! It pretty much seems to sort itself out and depending on the field and who has what, people with more than one to race might select what is going to provide for tighter competition. It’s good fun seeing completely different cars on the grid too. Definitely worth a crack and at the end of the day people can run other class compliant cars if they want to. Handy for use as a testing ground if you’ve tutu’d around with something too
  5. You now have two less Mark Chris I will shamelessly follow your lead thank you. Cheers for all the help everyone.
  6. Cheers Mark I did lose one early but the others bought progressively over the last wee while so should’ve been from newer batches - maybe! I remember your having to run around a couple of years ago...last year I discovered a crack so ended up running a P68 with old style pod. I had repressed the memory but in 2017 I had a well used old style pod give out around a bushing mid-racing requiring a super glue repair and lost about 15 places So yes pod longevity this year high on my mind!
  7. Thanks Chris, what a smart, clean looking build. I must admit I have seen this post elsewhere also admiring the lock nuts too, but didn’t have much success finding the tubes. I should try again - have used brass tubing for bracing just behind and below the axle before but the integrated units must do a better job and in exactly the right place. I noted too the cutaway for motor clearance. Cheers for the other info, along with John’s it’s all now filed away in the ‘why didn’t I think of that’ file.....I won’t be able to use tubing on this car and stay legal but it will definitely feature somewhere sometime. And yes I had been putting the bushings in first! Definitely sounds like two repair jobs and two new ones to boot. Cheers Rob
  8. Alright thank you, yep gluing them in and hoping for the best sounds a plan. I like that idea of opening the holes up a bit on a fresh pod....or two! Cheers
  9. Folks I can’t seem to get too many laps out of these in a 908 without a crack forming above the bearing, at about 1pm in terms of position if that makes sense. I don’t glue them in and the pod is crack free before I do a few laps..... There is plenty of float and am using suspension in the rear positions. The axle is free and nothing seems to be binding or stressed. I am using the 21.5k motor screwed in and will need to stay with that to be competitive I reckon (provided the pod doesn’t fall to bits!) but have been through four or five now one of which was using a 20k I think. I have repaired one previously with JB Weld and that seems to be holding up in a P68.....interesting. Any ideas would be much appreciated. It’s just these pods I have trouble with and plan to repair these ones but wouldn’t mind them lasting! I need to stick with the red extra hard ones to stay within the rules and seem to be the only one breaking them too. Our top builder has shared all his tips and now I think about it I wonder if I need to try slowing down a bit instead of being at the limit Cheers very much
  10. It’s swallowed up those wheels Mark, they look good. Will get to mine at some point - have used that o-ring idea on a couple of cars now, front and/or rear of pod. It does indeed seem to help make for a nicer drive.
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