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  1. I race on 4 wood tracks in WA never had a problem with MJK there are better tyres out there but Aust made and easy to get .What type of track do you race on ?
  2. I agree with jimmyslots. This is my first proxy and I'm loving it. Seeing my car finish a race is a bonus, not to mention being so far up in the field (at the moment). Appreciate all the work involved. Keep it up. Thanks Oldman
  3. Screws have to be covered with tape or blu tac at our club in Mandurah Western Aust or you dont play
  4. The OLDMAN car from Perth is entered under Shaynus friend Dave sorry for the mix up
  5. I've been looking on the Forum for some time now and finally decided to join and say 'hello'. Hello! I'm 70 years young, started slot cars when I was about 15 and gave it away for 50 years and got back into it about 5 years ago. I live in Mandurah which is south of Perth, Western Australia and have a 4 lane wooden track. I race on Friday night and usually about 12 - 14 drivers turn up. Shaynus has entered me into the Proxy Race. My car is almost finished and it should be interesting. Well, that's it for now. I'll post some photos of my track shortly, hopefully with Shaynus' help. Oldman Dave
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