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  1. old man

    Racing At Syds

    Good to meet you Gazza its always a good night at Syds hope to see back soon Oldman.....the photos look great
  2. Another great night of racing again, some of the drivers have certainly stepped up.... F1 and OPEN CLASS is going to be a very fast night OLDMAN.....MANDURAH RACEWAY
  3. One set of tyres handed out for each class. I would suggest buying tyres your self for practice ect. OLDMAN
  4. This is my first proxy l would like to see it finish to the end l think sports racer has enough to do with looking after his family and running the proxy we all have other things going on besides slot cars keep up the good work
  5. I've been there a few times. Only approx 1 hr drive from Mandurah like Matt said and a great bunch of guys, well worth the drive Oldman
  6. We have at least 9 drivers for Friday night racing. NSR GT...NSR Lemans....NSR F1....should be a good night, maybe 2 more drivers from down south, see you all there
  7. Back into racing this Friday after a short brake, modified scalextric and V8 super cars see you there
  9. Hi Alan, can you put in the Tasman proxy as a maybe ive still got to look into building a car any help would appreciated. Thanks Oldman
  10. Thanks for the info Alan....Oldman
  11. Hi Alan, where would l find the rules ect. l could be interested.....thanks Oldman
  12. I race on 4 wood tracks in WA never had a problem with MJK there are better tyres out there but Aust made and easy to get .What type of track do you race on ?
  13. I agree with jimmyslots. This is my first proxy and I'm loving it. Seeing my car finish a race is a bonus, not to mention being so far up in the field (at the moment). Appreciate all the work involved. Keep it up. Thanks Oldman
  14. Screws have to be covered with tape or blu tac at our club in Mandurah Western Aust or you dont play
  15. The OLDMAN car from Perth is entered under Shaynus friend Dave sorry for the mix up
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