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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to host the round. Everyone has done an incredible job setting up their cars to cope with a range of tracks and drivers. It was fascinating to drive very fast cars with vastly different characteristics. It gives the driver a great sense of what to aim for when setting up their own cars. Brumos RSR's car in particular was incredibly smooth to drive, I felt I had real control of it going through the corners but it had plenty of pace too. Sports Racer runs a tight ship ordering the cars, recording the races and capturing the results and managing the breakdowns. It was great to be part of it and I look forward to running my own car in it next year.
  2. Couldn't get my car ready in time unfortunately. I'll have to be a scratching, sorry Paul. Good luck fellas, looks like a terrific field. Dave T
  3. Hi everyone I've never done proxy racing before but I'm keen to give it a go. I'll hopefully be entering a Fly Alfa Romeo 156 with a slotting plus chassis and MJK tyres. I say hopefully because I've ordered the car from overseas so I hope it gets here in time. I'm in Canberra so hopefully my track will be one of the ones we race on. Regards Dave
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