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  1. Very nice tracks Well in learning about tire wear its cool I'm having Fun. My car each year are getting better. Next year same car different tyres and different glue..
  2. Hey Guys I really like this Proxy , Paul makes it Fun and I like seeing knew builders cars I learn from all of the Competitors.I don't have a big test track ,mine is a Carrera Small I do my best with what I have. I will still send 3 pair of tiresSame car next year and a Tire Changer Thanks Paul great Proxy
  3. Thankyou Dave very much for your time and efforts to host this leg of our Proxy. I will send 3 set of tyres next year. Maybe try some Yellow Dogs
  4. Hey guys finally got my Acc. Up and going wow what racing. Congratulations to the Podium winners and my hats off to the great Builders
  5. Hey nice track I finally got my account up and going.
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