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  1. My sentiments as well. Round 8,11, and 12 really took a toll on my standings. I was in 5th until those last 2 rounds. I was hoping for a top 5 finish in round 12 to bring my overall position up. Oh well. Can't weight to see the inside of the top 5.
  2. Nice heat run but obviously it wasn't good enough. From 2nd place in round 2 to a 10th place. Man what a change. I see 32 Coupe took the win. Congratulations to all the podium finishers. See the USA gang out did me in this round. Way to bring it home for the team. Now to find the final results page if it is posted.
  3. I will take that into account on my next entry. May just need to go to lexan interior and change the gear ratio.
  4. I came in 2nd in round 2. 1 lap down to Paul. Hopefully I will do as well or better this time. Average finish the last 3 races is 8th. That's not going to cut it.
  5. Man what a bummer. Dropped from 5th to 8th. Hope I can get back into the top five in the last round. This is a lot of ground to have to gain back. Looking forward to a video of the top five cars. My car is basically stock. Only change is Yellow Dogs on the front and rear. So I really can't complain to much. Considering a lower profile body for next year.
  6. UM, looks like my taxi is going backwards. Congratulations to those at the front. Yes I'll be back next year, same car maybe but I doubt it.
  7. Thanks to the guys who made this round happen. I see I got ahead of Tony and Dale. Hopefully I can finish out the season in the top five.
  8. My car has YD on all four corners. 1402Z on the front and 1004 on the rear.
  9. If I enter when this proxy is run again I might switch to the Opel. If not I'll go for a lexan interior and see what else I can do. The Opel appears from the pictures to have a lower cab height thus lower CG. Correct me if I'm wrong. May also look at some other DTM cars with a lower stance. Got to get Low, get low, low low!!!!!!
  10. Thanks for all who made this session a success. 17th man what the heck happened?????? Congratulations to the podium finishers. Man I need to up my game to stay in the top overall.
  11. Yeah Tony I agree. I see a gear change in my Taxi's future.
  12. Congratulations to the podium finishers. Um not a good day for my Taxi. 10 cars within 2 laps of each other 73-71. That is close racing. But 5-7 laps off the pace of the top dogs. Thanks for the comments guys. I would say I'm hanging in there for a totally stock Taxi.
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