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  1. Yeah Tony I agree. I see a gear change in my Taxi's future.
  2. Congratulations to the podium finishers. Um not a good day for my Taxi. 10 cars within 2 laps of each other 73-71. That is close racing. But 5-7 laps off the pace of the top dogs. Thanks for the comments guys. I would say I'm hanging in there for a totally stock Taxi.
  3. Thanks to all who participated and made this round happen. Seems the taxi struggled at this venue. Tony, Dale and Lance move ahead of me. Wow 2nd race that Paul didn't win. Congratulations to the podium contingent. On to the next round. Hopefully the taxi can make up ground.
  4. Yes I'll definitely be back attempting to beat you again. Hopefully more than once. I see a gear change in my future.
  5. Hope my little Taxi is up to the task. My Alfa is not doing to well in the QuickSlicks Proxy. It is in the modified class but it is basically stock.
  6. I kept asking who had something for Paul. Surprised that it was me. Thanks to the crew that ran this round. Glad to see my Taxi take the checked flag in the first position. Congratulations to my podium mates. Wow I can talk Assie Way to go Lance on getting in the top 5. Hope the car can get a few more podiums before the season ends.
  7. So that is 4 out of 7 inlines in the top 10. I would say that is pretty good. With Paul leading the parade.
  8. Well since it was you Tony. My car seems to be running pretty good. If it returns I'll try to make it better. Paul seems to have this Proxy figured out.
  9. Yeap, I was catching up after being slow off of the line. Could have made the pass somewhere else it looked like to me. Hopefully not to much damage to the cars.
  10. Thanks to the host and all who made this session possible. Man can you say close racing from 4th - 12th place. Does anyone have anything for Sports Racer? 3 straight wins. Congratulations to the podium finishers. Way to go Dale/Aloha. See you bumped me off of the overall podium. Got to step it up. Any feed back from the racers if possible. Get that taxi up front in round 4. Um see Lance got knocked out of the top 10.
  11. Um why can't I see the pictures today?
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