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  1. Man I got to do better. Looks like the White Taxi from last year was the better car. I have to wait and see how this plays out to determine my move for 2022
  2. Thanks for the fix. Hope it performs better as the series progresses.
  3. Um makes me wonder if I should have sent the Taxi back with a little scrutineering. Hopefully the car will run better at other venues.
  4. 16th out of 25. I see Lance is leading the cars from the USA. Hopefully our cars will do better as the driving gets better.
  5. Thanks Paul. I see I'm mid pack. Hope it races well.
  6. All right. Let's get this party started.
  7. Do you plan to run my car on your test track. Curious to see how it does against the other cars.
  8. Glad to know it is finally in the house. 50 plus days. Now to see if it will do better than last years white taxi.
  9. Um see my car still has yet to show up. I think my friends in Hawaii are having the same issue. Darn USPS. I would say if it is not there by weeks end go ahead and start. But that is your call. It may be lost. Same tracking response as the first of the month. History shows it was in Miami 2 days before they showed it leaving. May still be in Miami. Your item was processed through our MIAMI FL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER facility on July 23, 2021 at 3:12 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
  10. The tracking history on my car is still only showing leaving Miami FL on July 23rd. It no longer shows it being in Germany. Go figure.
  11. Long way from Hawaii to Germany, to Australia. Don't you just love the USPS!!!!!
  12. My car was scheduled to have been there 21-8-2. Tracking showing only leaving Miami FL USA. Hopefully it gets there this week.
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