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  1. 3D printer - the gift that keeps on giving !
  2. Shaynus

    Ninco F1 Gokart

    There is one on Ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NINCO-SUITS-SCALEXTRIC-1-32-GO-CART-GOOD-CONDITION-/184429007964?pageci=8a0c338e-2112-4ac2-b369-085173a22e42 I'm no way associated with that auction
  3. 1st I've heard of it but that's not saying much. How do you know if the motor is from Vietnam or China when buying?
  4. I might get a better result if you did forget mine! Have fun!
  5. The start of the Bov, Lance & Aloha heat video reminded me of the start of the V8SUPERCAR race at Townsville on Saturday! Thanks for taking the time to post the videos. Obviously you will need to find a high speed video recorder to film my car, mine must have been too quick to be picked up by the one you used that night!! Once again, thanks to all those involved in running these nights, I hope you had fun.
  6. Thanks to all involved in running the night - I hope you had fun. Well done to those at the top of the sheet! Sounds like my car takes after me too much - randomly goes of the rails!
  7. There is the old saying, when the flag drops the bullshit tops, except that still doesn't stop me bullshitting! Have fun tomorrow!
  8. Thanks for posting the videos Paul! Sounds like there are some well sorted out, fast cars in the group.
  9. Hi All At the track I race at we have been talking about how it would be nice to run some of our "other" cars that don't fit into any of our actual race categories. The problem with an "open slather" class is that someone may want to race a home built FJ Holden, while someone else may want to race a fully bombed NSR Mosler. Sure both can circulate but it isn't much of a race or challenge. We thought of maybe recording times over two events and rewarding the most improved, but then that opens the door to sandbagging and modifying cars between each meeting. Closest to the pin, (time wise) could see people drive hard the slow to a crawl for the last few feet before the line. The idea is for people not to need or feel the need to buy extra cars for such a once in a blue moon event (if it ever happens) Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated. It is a bit of "what if" situation.
  10. I have heard of Olifer and JS design chassis, but not seen them. No doubt they would be made to a much higher standard/ better quality than I have been able to produce!
  11. Thanks Pepsi62. Yes, the design allows the guide to flex side to side slightly, making for a smooth drive - well, thats the idea anyway! I've only done a few test laps so far, but hoping to race it this weekend coming. I also used a similar design on my proxy car, so will be interested to see how it goes / lasts as it is all unproven at the moment. Ended up finding the thread on Slotforum International, it was originally by a guy called racerunner.
  12. Hi All I've just made a stuff up while painting a resin body with Tamiya paint. What should / can I use to get the paint off without stuffing the body?
  13. Looks like a good field of entrants! No double ups of liveries either!
  14. I've done a couple of test laps and it seems promising. Pretty smooth. I lent it out on one night I couldn't make it. One of the body front body mounts snapped off. That is my biggest problem printing at the moment, trying to get good layer adhesion. Don't know if it is a problem with the printer, user or filament at the moment. It has taken a lot of miss prints to get this far
  15. Yeah, a total fantasy livery to suit my whimsy
  16. G'day All Over what turns out to be a long period of time (I never seem to achieve things quickly) I have been slowly developing a chassis for the V8Supercar bodies. I came across a thread on Slotforum International where a gentleman from Qld, I think, made a chassis that had the guide holder designed to be able to have a bit of flex in it. I thought it seemed like a good idea, and so developed my own chassis with that incorporated into it. I haven't been able to find the thread again, so if anyone knows the guy please let me know so I can let him know what I've been doing. The original idea was to have one chassis and use different adaptors to attached to different body styles. MkII version shown here: Under the test mule Adaptors installed to the body. This is the MkIII version under a Commodore. This one bolts to the front body points, and uses and adaptor at the rear Test Mule 2: The MkIII has holes in the bottom so weights can be attached. Also has small holes in the rear corners of the chassis where you can screw M2 grub screws in and use them to set the minimum ride height when they contact up against the rear adaptor The front axle height can be adjusted with M2 screws, and the chassis takes inline Slot.it type motor pods. I made it as narrow as possible around the rear axle to give the option of fitting wide wheels or to narrow the rear track and slam the body down low. Cheers, Shaynus
  17. G'day All Just a few pics of my painted Sideways Stratos. Started as a white kit. The white kits are a pain in the but how they come with no instructions of where things go! After spending a long time searching I finally came across some pics that enabled me to work out where they go. I've some how misplaced the air vent on top of the cabin, so holding off putting on the Gulf decals for now in case I find it. If I don't I think I'll put a decal over the holes... Not the best photos!
  18. G'day All I finally succumbed and bit the bullet on a NSR F1. Me being me, it had to be done in Gulf colours. As a side note, Gulf have come on board as a sponser with the Mclaren F1 team. Unfortunately, while applying the clear coat, the body slipped off it's stand and landed in a box full of dusty rubbish! Noooooo!! I picked the cobwebs and dirt off as best I could, but the remnants are still there to be seen. Oh well, so be it. I wasn't going to start again! Being a car I race, and especially being an open wheeler, I can't be too precious about the paint anyway... Hopefully the view seen by my competitors... And compared to my Proslot F1
  19. Keep us updated on the build Eno!
  20. Welcome C-type. Always great to see new members, especially from lands far away. Hopefully our borders will open again one day for you to be able to visit! While here you could visit Perth here in Western Australia and also in Tasmania to get a trifecta! I don't know much about slot car electronics, but am very interested in them, so I for one would be interested in any projects you would be willing to share. I hope you enjoy your time on this forum
  21. Welcome aboard Mike. Lots of very knowledgeable people in these parts and great information laying about the place. Your chassis sound interesting, got any photos or details on them? Always good to see / hear people having a go at doing their own thing
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