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  1. I think I may end up with -ve points after a guide / chassis repair!
  2. Looks like my car finally had enough of being put back in the slot so often! Oh well! Looks like it was a great night and I hope the drivers all had fun. Thanks everyone!
  3. Not me! I'll be back, but not to win. Have to learn how to walk before I run! (Still having trouble crawling at the moment!)
  4. Yeah, that is definitely version 1.0! If you check out the 3D print section you will see I've done a similar design for the V8 supercars. Since printing my proxy chassis I have had a "eureka!" moment with my printer settings and my prints have much better layer adhesion and print quality than what you have in your hands. I will not be surprised if there are more breakages around the front axle mounts. I entered this proxy as a bit of an acid test to see how well it would hold up as we weren't racing locally at the time, hence very little tuning was able to be carried out. Hopefully if there is a proxy next year with similar rules my car may perform more consistently, there is hope I think. I'm away for another week and a half so by the time I get home, tweak my design and print it and get it to you the proxy will probably be pretty well over. If the chassis has a catastrophic failure, so be it, I'll just have to sit out the remaining rounds. I've enjoyed the experience so far, even despite my results!
  5. Cool, thanks for that! Looks like I need to either beef that area up, do a better 3D print, or both!
  6. Looks like a track where balancing a car smoothly on the limit will be needed to produce a good lap time - I'm in trouble!
  7. Thanks to all those involved running the night. Looks like a great track! Looks like my bus likes running at 13.5 V and wasn't an embarrassing handful (for a change!). Out of curiosity, what sort of range of voltages are some of the other tracks run at? Thanks for the videos, and well done to those at the pointy end of the field!
  8. That is a great looking car you have done there! I think you have carried out such a technical paint scheme brilliantly. I would be proud as punch if I could execute a paint scheme so well - and you should be too
  9. This is what I like to see, people pushing the envelope with their chassis development Unfortunately, it seems I've torn and scrunched up the envelope with mine this year. Oh well, definitely a learning experience!
  10. To me it would make sense, but then, there is often a difference between 1:1 cars and 1:32 cars. More knowledgeable people around here may be able to offer an opinion. One thing to check would be any interference with the 'strut brace' and the body work ( bonnet vents, etc)
  11. But if you ignore 1st place, there is usually some great tussles in the mid-field
  12. I think you should be very happy with the results, you have done an amazing job I think. Thank you for your step by step process write up too. Great tips from other members as well
  13. Pretty much yep! Brought a bunch months ago when lock down started, thinking I would have plenty of time. We pretty well dodged the Covid-19 bullet over here in the west, so I still have a few cans floating around.
  14. Thanks!
  15. Brilliant stuff GAS41T. I'm not a Ford lover but I love what you are doing! There should be more of it I think. You might need to change your rego plates now though...
  16. What a fantastic looking track! Well done to those at the pointy end, your tail lights are growing dimmer in the distance! I hope all the drivers had a fun night, thanks to all those involved in running the night.
  17. If it wasn't for my car being a hand full (ie, not very good) I would be leading!
  18. Yes, I have been having the same issue with the images lately too. The page doesn't exist for me apparently. I mainly look from my phone, don't know if that makes a difference or not?
  19. I thought I was in second place... oh, wait you mean it doesn't score like golf?? Oh...
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