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  1. Great post Vinno. Great info and evaluation
  2. Yes, R.I.P to a man with a great screen presence. Going back and watching the 1st Bonds, I was surprised at how much of a mean streak the character had - my 1st introduction to Bond was Roger Moore (speaking of which, what an awesome name for a Bond character when you think of it!) - something I've not seen in the actors playing him until Daniel Craig. Sean certainly knew how to own a scene
  3. Shaynus

    Eastside Raceway

    Top notch ideas and execution there!
  4. Ah, thanks for the info! I was just worried that when they were out of stock in various stores, some saying that there was no ETA on replacement, that it could be an extended amount of time before any were available (considering what has occurred world wide this year...)
  5. Thanks for that Chas. I saw on their site that the 27T (black) is out of stock, and must have just assumed the 28T (yellow) was out of stock too. Thank you for drawing that to my attention! Now to see what other goodies I "need" to make for a worth while order... ;-)
  6. G'day All I've been looking at some of the online Oz / NZ slot car shops and see there seems to be stuff all 28 (yellow) and 27 (black) crown gears available in general. Has slot.it stopped parts production due to Covid-19, or is it freight time that is the issue, or both or neither. Has any body heard anything in regards to this? Cheers, Shayne
  7. G'day Den. As far as I can make out the SCX Pro motor pods only fit in (some of?) the SCX Pro cars, not the regular SCX models. I hope that makes sense?
  8. Hi Chris As it turns out I think the guy who asked me was under the impression that they were quite rare / expensive, but in the meantime I found some easily and they are reasonably priced, so I don't think it's worth bothering with because as you said, they seem like a good design. Sorry for the false alarm everyone!
  9. Hi all Has anyone designed/measured/modelled a motor pod from a SCX pro car that they would like to share? The one I'm chasing is from a Nascar, if that makes a difference I've been asked if I could try printing one, but I thought I would see if anyone has done one previously before "reinventing the wheel" so to speak. Cheers
  10. Looks like the Policar track would have fairly even lane lengths?
  11. It's still circulating, and I'm happy with that, thank you!
  12. Well done to the podium placers, way off in the distance! Thank you to all the drivers, great to see you all having such a good time, that is what it is all about! And thank you to Paul for enabling my car to continue!
  13. LOL! I think my car has the POW! BASH! SMASH! CRASH! pretty well down pat...
  14. Oops yes, that's right Steve Austin! Steve Rodgers is (was?) Captain America. Sorry, obviously too many Marvel comics and movie under the belt! Maybe Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck's alter ego) may be more appropriate??
  15. It's now the Steve Roger's tribute chassis - 6 Million Dollar Man for those who don't remember!
  16. Ah, poop, sorry about that, I didn't go that far into ordering. I may (may?) have one laying around, but won't be able to check for a few more days
  17. https://www.armchairracer.com.au/workshop/chassis/slot-it-chassis-cs14t-60-nissan-r390-evo-6-chassis
  18. This is Orstralya mmaate, ya don't need no yella dogs, ya gotta av Red Dogs!
  19. Armchair seem to have one?
  20. Honest Sport Racer Joe's Second Hand Car Shop "Can I do a deal for you!?!"
  21. I think the drivers of my car have suffered too! Being a Dockers supporter I am well versed in dealing with poor results, so water off a duck's back
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