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  1. Holly slot car Batman, Scalextric are doing the Batmobile! Sorry, someone had to say it... Looks like it is going to be an expensive year for me... (KITT from Knightrider too!)
  2. Thanks Chas. You would think they would be available, wouldn't you? I've searched the usual sites both Aus, NZ and UK, but with no luck. I've searched for either "XW chassis" or "XY chassis" but so far have come up blank. More than happy to be proved wrong though! Has any one got a part number for one I can search for It? It is for a computer illiterate friend. His (2nd hand) chassis is very 2nd hand... Class rules means it needs to be a Scalextric chassis. Thanks!
  3. Hi All Has anyone got a Scalextric XW / WZ chassis laying around they want to get rid of, or know where just a chassis can be brought as a spare part? If so, let me know, please, thanks! Cheers, Shayne
  4. Oh, Rosco, what a tease you are! I am sure there is more than just 1 "someone" who is interested in this build... At the risk of repeating myself, awesome work there, amazing vision, skill and execution. Do you have any photos of your speciality scaple blades? Cheers, Shayne
  5. Welcome aboard Bathurst69 If you want to race 6 cars on a 2 lane track then yeah, you will need to go Scalextric digital. Scalextric digital pieces (lane changers, pit lane pieces) are compatible with the newer ("current ") Scalextric sport track. As a guide, especially when looking a photos, Sports track has rectangular joining tabs, while "classic" (old) has the round shaped tabs. Also, as far as I know, Scalextric Digital is not compatible with SCX digital Cheers Shayne
  6. Top work Dr C Type! Seriously though, thanks for sharing on here
  7. Those wheel are gorgeous Chris, just like the rest of the car and chassis! Excellent work - as always!
  8. G'day Chris. It's never too late and you're never too old! And when it comes to slot cars most here will agree that you can never have too many!
  9. G'day All Just a quick question as I seem to have had a brain fart: The "standard" corner pieces that come in majority of Scalextric sets is "R2", correct? Be they 45 deg, 90 deg or cross over, etc. The way I understand it, R1 = hairpin R2 = standard and R3 & R4 are progressively larger. Is that right? Cheers
  10. Looks like I'm going to need to buy one of those mini scales...
  11. Interesting to watch, thanks for doing and sharing
  12. Would be nice if was released before Bathurst next year
  13. Out of curiosity do the 'vans have their own guides or not? I've heard of caravan racing, but never actually seen it in the 1/32 flesh
  14. It would be interesting to see if Hamilton could be tempted to go over to the Prancing Horse stable to finish off his career? Another year or 2 at Mercedes, re-write all the records (number of titles / wins / etc), and if Ferrari manage to pull a rabbit out of their hat and be competitive with the regulation changes, he may be tempted to have a go with them as they are a another manufacturer and prove to his nay-sayers that it wasn't just the car...(and do something Vetted couldn't) Or he'll just retire and enjoy himself
  15. Don't forget F1 is basically a big marketing/PR exercise these days. Lewis gives Mercedes exposure to a far wider demographic than your typical bread and butter Mercedes customer base.
  16. True, not slot cars, but I don't know if they have links to any governing bodies that may encompass a slot car class? Good luck!
  17. https://www.wasmex.org/ This club may be able to point you in the right direction?
  18. No rush here either. Mine wasn't quick in the proxy, so no point being quick to send back!
  19. Thank you to everyone involved in running this proxy, especially Paul who went above and beyond to keep my car on track when it was imploding! I will hopefully be back next year, where I can't do any worse! Despite (or perhaps a bit because of) my car's poor result I do intend to be back next year - at least I won't be able to do any worse! Well done to all the competitors, there are a lot of fast cars in the field!
  20. I'm thinking of shamelessly ripping off this (great!) idea and suggesting it as a fun event at the club I race at. (I'm in West Oz) But I am wondering, are the pursuit cars 360 drift cars too? And do the smokeys start in the same direction as the bandit, or the opposite? Looks (and sounds) like a load of fun! Did any one get any videos of the action?
  21. I'm guessing he may be nursing a hang over from the closing celebrations!
  22. Well, you can't make statements like that without showing the rest of us!
  23. That looks like a pretty good excuse for being distracted from slot cars!
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