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  1. I'm so glad someone else gas thought of doing this and very happy you are going ahead with it! It looks like a great set up even at this early stage. Are you going to paint the bumpers matt silver?
  2. Thanks for the info Chas. Love your effort with the interior, like you said, full interior adds a bit more interest
  3. Great looking car there Chas. I would love it if there was enough demand for Scalextric to do a full detailed version, but I am grateful the do any V8Supercars at all, considering we are such a small demographic. Did you do a write up of your build at all? How did you go about doing the windows?
  4. Well, Covid-19 has claimed one of the stars of my childhood. 1/3 of one of my favourite shows on TV as I was growing up. Amazing how different the humour of The Goodies was when I watch it again as an adult!!
  5. Shaynus

    Rip Stirling Moss

    RIP to a gentleman of racing, not to be confused with a gentleman racer!
  6. I have tried that technique too, with various levels of success. My else cheapo inkjet doesn't print as sharply as I would like. I guess the ink bleeds into the decal paper a little. I hope the laser produces sharper lines
  7. Have you tried looking at MJK tyres?
  8. Shaynus

    Bartlett Camaro

    Not saying there is any there, just that he could if he wanted too! ;-)
  9. Shaynus

    Bartlett Camaro

    Have you put scratch marks on the roof for extra authenticity??
  10. I managed to score a colour laser print for free a few weeks ago. I was looking for one as the Avery clear labels need to be printed on with a laser printer. I haven't tried it as yet. The idea was to print decals onto a clear background. Still doesn't print white, though.
  11. Shaynus

    Bmw E36 Dtm

    Make sure to keep us posted on your next project too!
  12. Shaynus

    Bmw E36 Dtm

    It looks like you have put primer on a SOB Scalextric car! You have done an amazingly neat job there Dave to achieve a factory finish. Were the resin flares for a BMW or a generic set you made to fit so well?
  13. Hmmm, had a quick go at scanning my car, but with no luck. Mind you glaring bright sunlight and hot temperatures (mid 30s - it's Easter for crying out loud!) And my lack of experience probably didn't help. My try something smaller!
  14. Great race team right there. Which one is faster, and which would you reach for 1st? (not always the same one!)
  15. There is someone over here who is producing resin cast bodies (which this is). It's not mine, but can see if I can find out who what where why if you like? The race class rules are for standard bodies, hence retaining the blacked out windows.
  16. I've been trying to hunt down a Suzuki Swift SCX for a good price as that is my daily driver. My just have to 3D scanner mine instead!
  17. The main decals were my own, the small sponsor ones - been no, monster and mobile1 were off a sheet I got from eBay. For the grill and headlights I took a photo of the front of the car, then stretched/shrunk to suit. The rear lights were too hard to do that to, with the more pronounced curvature, so I just painted them. The black windows are from gloss black decal sheet. I drew close approximations on CAD from photos, printed the outlines on the back of the sheet and cut them out.
  18. I would try and do some research on how usable the files from the 3D scanner would be, in regards to being easily modified by 3rd party software. Not saying they can't (I don't know), but may be worth seeing what people are saying online. I brought a cheap hand held 3D scanner on sale from Jaycar weeks ago in the "before time" (practicing lockdown), but haven't had a chance to road test it yet. This thread just may be the kick in the pants I need to pull my finger out. Having said that, I love the idea of the 3D scanner, as long as reality meets expectations.
  19. Thanks! Both me and the owner were chuffed with the way it turned out!
  20. G'day All I did this resin ZB V8 supercar paint job for a fellow racer a little while back. I've been slack in posting my re-sprays on here. I've managed to steal a little time today, so here are some pics (if I remember how!) Inspired by Brock's A9X Torana, with a bit of a sponsorship twist! ;-)
  21. It's turning into a bit of a beast there Zac - I like your style!
  22. Thanks for the photos! Must wipe the drool off my phone! Some lovely examples of desirable cars there. Great idea for a thread, thanks for sharing.
  23. That's one mean looking ride you have built there, looks nicely menacing! How about a group shot of your stable of Sideways cars together?
  24. Does the water/PVA mix leave a glossy finish when it dries?
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