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  1. :) I was only stirring Rosco! Come to think of it, I think I made a similar quip earlier on in your build thread! :blink::D

    I think 11 years would be the amount of time it would take me to start producing my own wheels, if I started on it today...

    Maybe I need to make a round tuit..in the meantime I'll continue to live vicariously through your build thread and marvel at your results - keep up the great work!

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  2. I don't recall the V8S  having it before.

    Next generation of V8S are going to be hybrid capable too. Won't be running any batteries / gear to start with, but leaving to door open if the market goes that way.

    F1 has ERS to give a bit of a HP boost & DRS that cuts rear wing drag.

    Formula E has all sorts of 'Mario Kart' style gizmo's...

  3. 1 hour ago, mtpanorama said:

    Watch the video, it shows the Batmobile in the current case.

    That's what I was going by when I commented on it's size.

    Apparently (in that video or on another forum? I can't remember!) the Polar Lights 1/32 plastic kit is slightly over scale and the Scalextric on is either 1/32 or slightly under scale (probably to ensure it fitted in a standard case), so if you line them up side by side the Scalextric one will be shorter.

    As an aside, I actually stated "slotifying" a Polar lights plastic kit as a Covid project, but it is still sitting in a pile probably 1/4 finished, and most likely will be for quite a while yet! :lol:

  4. Good to see the Batmobile looks to be a decent size by how it fits in the box. The Scalextric versions of the Batmobile from the Kenton/ Nicholson movie, and the "Tumbler" versions from the later series of movie are quite small to what I expected them to be.

  5. You would think there would be money to be made from it, but I guess parts are an overhead until sold and do take up storage space. If there was money to be made I guess they would do it?

    I can design and print chassis if needed, but for the particular rules at my local club genuine manufacturer chassis need to be used.

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