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  1. I don't recall the V8S having it before. Next generation of V8S are going to be hybrid capable too. Won't be running any batteries / gear to start with, but leaving to door open if the market goes that way. F1 has ERS to give a bit of a HP boost & DRS that cuts rear wing drag. Formula E has all sorts of 'Mario Kart' style gizmo's...
  2. That's what I was going by when I commented on it's size. Apparently (in that video or on another forum? I can't remember!) the Polar Lights 1/32 plastic kit is slightly over scale and the Scalextric on is either 1/32 or slightly under scale (probably to ensure it fitted in a standard case), so if you line them up side by side the Scalextric one will be shorter. As an aside, I actually stated "slotifying" a Polar lights plastic kit as a Covid project, but it is still sitting in a pile probably 1/4 finished, and most likely will be for quite a while yet!
  3. Must be nice to get a 'thank you'. I would imagine most correspondence would be 'where is my stuff?' , which is out of your hands
  4. On that note, well done to the Black Caps for becoming the #1 ranked test team!
  5. Good to see the Batmobile looks to be a decent size by how it fits in the box. The Scalextric versions of the Batmobile from the Kenton/ Nicholson movie, and the "Tumbler" versions from the later series of movie are quite small to what I expected them to be.
  6. I guess it could be used under a "crashed" car in a track side diorama scene - put stub axles at the back to give a broken rear axle look...
  7. Hmmm, you could be onto something there Rosco. Perhaps heat was applied?
  8. I have no idea of what happened to it, but I do feel sorry for it!
  9. Well, those photos go a long way to show the gulf in our standards Rosco. You are resigned to redoing, where I would be rapt with that result! Back to reality, are you planning on masking and painting the white areas of the car, or will they be decals?
  10. Tamiya do a pink primer, would something like that help with the red coverage??
  11. This is the "repaired" chassis we are going to replace... NOT repaired by me!
  12. Nice split personality look on the middle pic! I assume you use a soft (sponge) block to rub back? What sort of grade wet & dry do you use at this stage?
  13. Yep, great stuff!
  14. It would be interesting to know how "Aussie release" sales / model runs compare in regards to volume. Not very large in the scheme of things I would imagine, but enough to make it worth their while, obviously!
  15. The one that needs replacing is bloody horrible! I don't know how it got to be on the condition it has. I'll have to try and get a photo of it. I've managed to source one, thanks to the far reaching span of the Auslot community. Thanks everyone!
  16. Looks like it works to me - I can see the photo
  17. The Jag XJ-S that raced at Bathurst would be on my list too! This is going to be an expensive year, and that is before the Australian releases...
  18. You would think there would be money to be made from it, but I guess parts are an overhead until sold and do take up storage space. If there was money to be made I guess they would do it? I can design and print chassis if needed, but for the particular rules at my local club genuine manufacturer chassis need to be used.
  19. Holly slot car Batman, Scalextric are doing the Batmobile! Sorry, someone had to say it... Looks like it is going to be an expensive year for me... (KITT from Knightrider too!)
  20. Thanks Chas. You would think they would be available, wouldn't you? I've searched the usual sites both Aus, NZ and UK, but with no luck. I've searched for either "XW chassis" or "XY chassis" but so far have come up blank. More than happy to be proved wrong though! Has any one got a part number for one I can search for It? It is for a computer illiterate friend. His (2nd hand) chassis is very 2nd hand... Class rules means it needs to be a Scalextric chassis. Thanks!
  21. Hi All Has anyone got a Scalextric XW / WZ chassis laying around they want to get rid of, or know where just a chassis can be brought as a spare part? If so, let me know, please, thanks! Cheers, Shayne
  22. Oh, Rosco, what a tease you are! I am sure there is more than just 1 "someone" who is interested in this build... At the risk of repeating myself, awesome work there, amazing vision, skill and execution. Do you have any photos of your speciality scaple blades? Cheers, Shayne
  23. Welcome aboard Bathurst69 If you want to race 6 cars on a 2 lane track then yeah, you will need to go Scalextric digital. Scalextric digital pieces (lane changers, pit lane pieces) are compatible with the newer ("current ") Scalextric sport track. As a guide, especially when looking a photos, Sports track has rectangular joining tabs, while "classic" (old) has the round shaped tabs. Also, as far as I know, Scalextric Digital is not compatible with SCX digital Cheers Shayne
  24. Top work Dr C Type! Seriously though, thanks for sharing on here
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