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  1. Maybe they thought Austria, not Australia??
  2. Top work! I think you have nailed the vibe / spirit of the 1:1 car
  3. Thanks guys - it definitely looks better from a distance or when moving! No doubt Sideways will bring out their own gulf version eventually, but I didn't want to wait!
  4. Shaynus

    The Asylum

    Looks Great! Top Stuff!
  5. Yes, I do need to re-attach the windscreens! Too many racing impacts!
  6. Another paint job, this time of a Sideways Celica white kit. Again, last minute, not finished!
  7. Only 30 or 40? You are doing better than me!
  8. I started painting another Gulf coloured Commodore a while back. Me being me I left it until the last minute so didn't quite finish it before the race meeting, and of course, haven't quite managed to get back to finish it off!
  9. Can you "block out" the wing from the body in your slicer and print them separately?
  10. That's still quicker than I get somethings done around the house!
  11. That's what I thought, thanks for the confirmation Alan. Yes, I wish there was more info on the wheel 'shape' (rib size) on a lot of sites.
  12. G'day All When manufacturers give wheel sizes, for example say 16.8 x 8.5, is the diameter the central rib (bigger diameter) or the outer "rim" (smaller diameter) size? Cheers, Shaynus
  13. Thanks for that Paul, funnily enough, they were pretty much the ideas we thought up too! (Great minds and all that )
  14. Need to draw on the RC collective brains trust for a friend. Is it possible for someone to compete in the heats that decide the finals ('C' main, 'B' main, 'A' main etc), but then not compete in the finals, but the finals can run as normal with that person removed from the list? (As if they were never there) I hope that makes sense! Cheers, Shayne
  15. Replace the whole car with a piece of lead? It will probably go just as well!
  16. Doh! Totally forgot about magnets! Our local track Isn't magnabraid so magnets don't have any effect, apart from ballast, so didn't even cross my mind...sigh...a bit embarrassing, sorry! I remember last year an o/s competitor having a dig at us Ozzies not reading the rules in regards to wheels, and now I'min the same camp - oh, the shame! At least I'll be starting in my usual position! (Walks off, hanging head in shame...)
  17. Can you start now? I need as big of a head start as I can get!
  18. Can't be many cars left to arrive now can there?
  19. Welcome rastas Will be great to see some of your 3D printing stuff. Always good to see slot car related stuff, but anything is good! There are several proxies on here that are generally run annually
  20. G'day Mark Welcome to the forum. Always good to see new arrivals. Keen to see some pics of your setup. There is a thread around here somewhere that explains how to do it. Stay safe, hope the lockdown / restrictions pass ASAP
  21. Old Man by name, old man by nature!
  22. Nah - if I Finish up that close, I'll be happy! (But don't tell him that!)
  23. More important is to make sure that in the results list that "Old Man" is below "Shaynus" ! (I might need some help with that one...)
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