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  1. Tell 'em they're dreaming... Having said that someone will probably buy it.
  2. Another great round by all involved, thanks everyone. Well done to the podium place getters
  3. Shaynus

    Godzilla anyone ?

    My guess - not long! (But I'm not planning anything)
  4. Shaynus

    Sorell Creek Track

    Very effective technique, well done!
  5. Condolences for your loss to you and your family Alexis.
  6. Wow, just wow! Amazing results Rosco! How long do you think it took you to make one?
  7. I can still see your pics on my phone Rosco, but not sure if that because they are in the memory of it or not?
  8. As always, thanks to those involved for braving the elements and running the night. By the sounds of the review video it was still a bit damp on the night! Good thing the roof wasn't leaking otherwise we would have to swap to wet tyres!
  9. Any chance of a photo of the chassis from above showing the motor, axles etc? Seen photos of the car from underneath, but not from "inside"
  10. Great write up and great result Rosco. Can't help but think quality control was asleep at the wheel when inspecting the pre production version, or they weren't aware of what the actual car looked like
  11. Shaynus

    DG Raceway

    That looks great Dick, you have done a great job detailing the building and the lights looks great and effective too. What material are the Magnetic Racing kits made from?
  12. Great looking cars you have made there Jimmy. Looking forward to seeing the McLaren
  13. Great to have you back Rosco, glad you are well. Looking forward to seeing this project continue. I'm seriously thinking about stealing your motor bracket press idea for one of my chassis projects, but at the glacial rate I get things done, it won't be for a while...
  14. Oh, looking for FARES. I read kerb crawling and my mind went elsewhere...
  15. Thanks for the videos and comments guys. Well done and thank you to the organisers and drivers, especially for going the extra miles (literally) to make this round a possibility. And lastly well done to those at the pointy end!
  16. Sounds like you've got a collector's item there!
  17. Great post Vinno. Great info and evaluation
  18. Yes, R.I.P to a man with a great screen presence. Going back and watching the 1st Bonds, I was surprised at how much of a mean streak the character had - my 1st introduction to Bond was Roger Moore (speaking of which, what an awesome name for a Bond character when you think of it!) - something I've not seen in the actors playing him until Daniel Craig. Sean certainly knew how to own a scene
  19. Shaynus

    Eastside Raceway

    Top notch ideas and execution there!
  20. Ah, thanks for the info! I was just worried that when they were out of stock in various stores, some saying that there was no ETA on replacement, that it could be an extended amount of time before any were available (considering what has occurred world wide this year...)
  21. Thanks for that Chas. I saw on their site that the 27T (black) is out of stock, and must have just assumed the 28T (yellow) was out of stock too. Thank you for drawing that to my attention! Now to see what other goodies I "need" to make for a worth while order... ;-)
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