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  1. Hmmm, looks like another track that has corners....I may be in be in trouble...again...
  2. Shaynus

    Adapter Sleeves

    Maybe a 3D printed one may be an option? Only 0.4 wall thickness, so may be hard to print successfully?
  3. Or the A-team van too?
  4. Factory like finish on those cars, fantastic work there!
  5. Have to work through the layer of Covid lock down induced dust 1st !
  6. At this rate, as long as no one else improves and my "improvement " (I use that term loosely! ) continues at a similar rate I should be near the top in 5 to 6 years!
  7. What's the point? The point is you are enjoying yourself and this great hobby that we share an interest in That is the point!
  8. Thanks to those who hosted the event hope you all enjoyed yourselves, looking forward to the videos. Well done to those who finished at the pointy end
  9. Aw yeah! I like that. I like it a lot!
  10. One of the regulars at our local club did this Bartlett Camaro for our Bathurst theme night last night
  11. Who said it's not a P-ing contest?!
  12. Good to see some action on track. Big thanks to the drivers, especially after lock down struggles ! Bring on the next round! Well down to all those tail lights I can see in front of me!
  13. You don't expect your purchase to fly economy with all those plebs, do you old chap? 1st class all the way baby!
  14. You will be able to claim that, but I don't think I would be able to, not with my skill level!
  15. I think they come standard with magnets, but you'll find out if I remember correctly when you look under the hood of yours
  16. If you are running cars on plastic track (ie Scalextric) I have heard you may need to be careful of the NSR F1 dragging its belly on the track. The magnet is quite strong and the chassis is flexible so the magnet (along with the chassis) gets pulled down onto the rails.
  17. It doesn't hurt to go over the various axle and motor mountings to check for alignment,etc. They are built with speed in mind (same as any assembly line) over precision assembly. Just give it a once over so to speak. Revoslot are great cars, luv 'em!
  18. Racing or no racing, enjoy any added freedoms you are able to!
  19. Any leads of where these would be available from, and when?
  20. I forgot about the GIO livery of the Skyline. So that's at least 3 (Australian) liveries then...
  21. It is the same as any new technology, limited availability / high cost to start with, but then the price point drops take up increases and things grow from there. Onwards and upwards
  22. Good use of the Commodore shell to check for drift room on the bend
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