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  1. It was great to see your young lads get involved Dave. Levi certainly earned his encouragement award with all that great marshalling he did
  2. I find it too bloody hard to find WA currency on THIS side of the island!
  3. Aw, man! No uranium?? I wonder if it's too late to cancel my order with Kim Jong-un...?
  4. Not just carbon fibre, how about brass, aluminium, plastic, spring steel etc?
  5. As promised, more pics of the 3rd round: My cars: Shaynus, Sportsracer, Oldman and Gazza: SportsRacer, Pepsi, Ron, Alek: SportsRacer, Shaynus, Charlesx, Gazza Tank & Gazza Tony, Tank, Patti and Ron
  6. Hi All Some photos of the last round. Not many action shots I'm afraid, combination of available hands (cant' use the phone while racing slot cars, I save that for when I'm driving my car! ) and poor technique resulting in blurred shots... In no particular order (named should be from yellow to blue lane): Charlesx, Oldman, Alek and Tank: Macca, Tony, Pepsi, Oldman: Oldman, Ron dman, R Oldman, Ron, Shaynus, Shaynus2 Patti, Gazza, Tony, SportsRacer There are some more photo, but i will post them up later
  7. Top 10 placing! Whoop! Hopefully the next proxy is 20 rounds... Thank you and well done to all involved, especially Sports Racer. Without drivers and tracks proxies cannot happen. Well done to all the entrants, especially those at the pointy end. It gives us mere mortals further down the pecking order something to aim for!
  8. We should be holding another round, this Friday, 2nd of September . Oldman's track has been successfully relocated and is up and running again. Results, photos, comments, etc will be posted as they come to hand
  9. Shaynus

    Forum Upgrade

    All those candles on the birthday cake will glow plenty bright enough!
  10. I've 3d printed some paint pen holders that run in the slot. Done two widths - one for Scalextric and one for wood routed:
  11. Aw, man, it's finished just as my car was getting into it's stride! If the next proxy is 72 rounds I may get into the top 10! Thanks to all who gave their time and efforts in running this proxy, and to all the competitors who get get involved. Without both, proxy racing events wouldn't happen, and our hobby would be poorer without it. Bring on the next one!
  12. You should have realised by now, we do most things differently over here!
  13. Thanks for the update Sports Racer. How many rounds are left? At my current rate of progress, I should be in the top ten in 236 more rounds...
  14. Thanks guys! Great to see another round dine. Hope you enjoyed yourselves New personal best from my car -whoop!
  15. I'm not sure of the inner workings of the RC program, (I just take it for granted! ) but as I recall after the 1st place car goes through the start / finish it waits for the 2nd and 3rd car to go underneath the finish line before finishing the race...
  16. Unmarked currency does make for an effective ballast!
  17. Those are the results directly from the race controller program used to run the event, working on points per place , per race, etc. I don't have much experience with RC, so someone who actually knows what they are talking about may be able to shed more light on the subject!
  18. I think we can all agree 2 rounds is a perfectly adequate number of rounds, every one has had fun and we can call the proxy successfully finished ... Right??
  19. It does look like a fast track, with flowing corners, so hopefully it may suit my car (relatively speaking - not expecting miracles here! )
  20. Due to a bad crash under the bridge on Friday night all club racing will be postponed until further notice while track repairs are carried out (good one Watto!): Or... what really happened is that last Friday the 5th of August was the last night of competition of the track in it's current guise and location. Racing will be halted for a few weeks while the moving process is undertaken. Results from V8Supercars: 1st Shayne, 2nd Ron, 3rd Tom, 4th Dave Results from Sideways Group 5: 1st Tom, 2nd Shayne, 3rd Ron, 4th Dave Close racing, and a fitting last hurrah for the track where and how it was. Onwards and upwards! See you all back in a few short weeks!
  21. Round 2 Round 2 was held in quick succession on Monday night to sneak another round in before the track is dismantled and installed into it's new home. Staging at the starting line Nothing in it... I will make a concerted effort to get more photos of each car in the future, was too wrapped up in driving on the night! if anyone from the night has more photos feel free to post them yourself of send them to me and I'll put them up here for you. On to the results of Round 2: Here is a (little bit) of feed back on the cars after the 1st two Rounds ( in no particular order) *Patti (XY Falcon): Impressive that a relatively narrow and tall car went so well. Nice car to drive *Alek (XB Falcon): Smooth car to drive, lacking a bit of power (feels a bit "doughy") and could benefit from a tad more weight at the front *Macca (XB Falcon): Fast! bit of a straight line rocket, but could do with a bit more weight *Tank (XC Falcon): Good all round car, as the results show *Sports Racer (XB Falcon): Horrible and slow... oh, ok... not really! Heavy car (perhaps heaviest of the field?) but still rapid and planted, good all round performer *Shaynus (Ford Sierra): Real surprise packet that such a narrow and tall car went so well * Pepsi (Torana): Noisy gear mesh! Not particularly fast, had to go steady around corners. Did I mention it was noisy? * Ron (XJS Jag): Like a lot of cats, it liked to roll over, seemingly to have it's belly rubbed... *Shaynus (XB Falcon): Handled well, good all round performer *Oldman (XC Falcon): Goes like the clappers and has roll on to kill for! *CharlesX (Camaro): Great car to drive. Confidence inspiring for the driver. Can be pushed hard *Paul (XB Falcon): needs more weight, hops under acceleration and some cornering *Gazza (XB Falcon): Needs more oomph. Felt flat and a bit slow *Tony (LX Torana): suffered from the typical Torana problems of the small can motor and being narrow and tall. Looks good though!
  22. Round 1 Here are some action shots from the night. No videos, sorry, I'm not quite up to posting videos yet... Waiting at the start line... Some synchronised drifting Neck & neck Go, go, go! And lastly, the all important results table from the 1st round: A couple of notes from the evening: * Pepsi's Torana suffered from mechanical maladies and just managed to crawl across the line and complete the 4 heats * CharlesX's Camaro had a fuel pick up problem which caused it to intermittently stutter for a few laps, until solved. Actually, what happened was the braids flattened. The guide sits high, proud of the track, so the braids just need a bit of a quick tweak / fluff up before each heat. Once going full song, it was a rocket and a driver ( and spectator) favourite.
  23. Well, as mentioned above, the first 2 Rounds of the Bathurst Proxy have been run. Thanks to some work and family commitments I have been delayed in posting the results, but hey, as you all know W.A does stand for Wait Awhile... I'll do the results of each in separate posts following this one. Personally, speaking as one of the drivers involved, I have to say it was a great experience and lots of fun to participate in the event. A lot of the cars were evenly matched through out the field, which made for close and exciting racing. Those photos Tank posted above are of the starting field taken before the 1st event , and not indicative of any performance or results... ... ... although those cars with multiple denomination, unmarked, currency notes attached to them did go unbelievably well...*cough*...(Bali here we come)...*cough*... So, without futher adieu...
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