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  1. Well, if you feel like moving (far) south of the river in Perth, I know a place in Mandurah with a great big shed that will be for sale soon...(hopefully)
  2. Perhaps you could experiment with Scalextric track pieces using a combination of R1, R2, R3 curves to get a similar profile and see how that drives?
  3. I think a curve such as that would work well, and would be interesting to drive. That is only an opinion, not from experience as I've drawn tracks with elliptical curves and with opening/ closing radius curves that I think would go well, bit unfortunately, never actually had one built or built one myself!
  4. That's a total different website!
  5. Shaynus

    Casula Raceway

    LOL! Don't forget that you also need to be French and unvaccinated too (just to tick all the boxes)
  6. Does that mean a 180 hairpin is easier to drive than a 15 degree slight bend in the road where you may just "slip" off the side shoulder? Genuinely interested (sorry for thread high jack)
  7. Shaynus

    Casula Raceway

    Ah, that's right, I remember now. Hopefully after Feb 5th, eh? We will have to wait and see if the wall actually comes down then as planned... Give a holler if you need a hand with anything when you ( eventually) come over
  8. Shaynus

    Casula Raceway

    Are you planning a new track gazza?
  9. Shaynus

    Sorell Creek Track

    You must have been a good boy! Nice touch by the family there
  10. Interesting info there Garry J, thank you. I appreciate it is a relative thing, but what does that test voltage tell you? If a motor puts out a higher voltage than another, what difference does that make, stronger braking effect?
  11. Looks like it has much better flow to it
  12. Exclusive hand fettled, race tuned cars...that will never turn a wheel in anger Much like 1:1 special edition versions
  13. Thanks for posting last year's times as a comparison, interesting to see. Tight lap time splits through the field
  14. I think that may have been my best result yet (Not a very high bar admittedly! ) Thanks, as always to those involved in hosting & running the event and well done to all the entrants. It sounds like there are a lot of evenly matched cars.
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