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  1. Keep us updated on the build Eno!
  2. Welcome C-type. Always great to see new members, especially from lands far away. Hopefully our borders will open again one day for you to be able to visit! While here you could visit Perth here in Western Australia and also in Tasmania to get a trifecta! I don't know much about slot car electronics, but am very interested in them, so I for one would be interested in any projects you would be willing to share. I hope you enjoy your time on this forum
  3. Welcome aboard Mike. Lots of very knowledgeable people in these parts and great information laying about the place. Your chassis sound interesting, got any photos or details on them? Always good to see / hear people having a go at doing their own thing
  4. Those photos look like something from my "when I win lotto" plans Good to see new commercial track being built, no matter the location. Keep us updated on its progress. Thanks for sharing
  5. I actually like the idea of these Policar F1 cars. I would like to see them with liveries, but I paint lots of my cars so not such an issue for me, but I would be in the very minority. My issue is that I can't see them being competitive with the NSR F1 cars, especially on wood tracks. I hope I'm wrong on that one.
  6. That has turned out fantastic Jimmy. I hope it is as fast as it looks. Almost looks Indycar-ish in those colours with those wheels. I did a Gulf livery one, but dropped it doing the clear coat - doh! Will post pics anyway when I get a chance
  7. Ah ha, now I'm with you. And I agree, that it can be disruptive to your lap / race rhythm
  8. Thanks for the input guys. What you say about the other drivers also being penalised is why we brought in the "go back 3 lines" ( off the top of my head it probably works out to be around a 900mm set back) rule so the offending car does have added consequences. We have only just recently brought it in and it seems to be working well
  9. G'day Everyone We were discussing a few things at the local track that I race at and it was asked if we should consider what to do / how to handle "offs" (de-slots) Because of the shape of the track we use "call buttons" When a car comes off the driver presses a "call" button (one at each driver's station) and that creates a yellow flag situation where the computer (uses Race Co-ordinator) cuts power to all lanes and the offending car is put back on. Then the computer counts down to a green flag (race restart / resume) At the moment there are segment lines around the track, so when the car is put back on track it is put back 3 segment lines. We also run a four & out policy where the number of crashes each driver has per heat is recorded. After 4 offs the car is removed from the track and that driver comes 4th and looses some points. This means the marshals need to call out when lane colour it was that came off, and it also needs someone to recorded the tally for that heat We were wondering what systems other clubs around the place use to manage their offs? Cheers, Shayne
  10. They look fantastic Matt, great work! Going by other ebay sales, there is about $3000 worth of cars in that post of yours!
  11. Can anyone recommend a good bang for buck supplier of decal sheets? Is there any particular type I should be using for good results? I have a laser jet colour printer
  12. Nice work! Good practical item you have made there
  13. I'm currently "developing" one for the VE shell and that's in black as that is what is in the printer. Done a handful of test laps. Seems to go OK. Hopefully the blue chassis will be used in anger on Friday, if I can tweak it in time for a mate to use under a Falcon body. It is similar to what I put under my proxy Audi, so that should be an acid test!
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