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  1. It is like those "reality " TV shows where they have a set time to do something..."You have 1hr left...you have 5 minutes left" and the last frantic rush
  2. G'day Chas We are about 3/4 hr south of Perth. I know Syd, but have unfortunately only raced there once. I race here in Mandurah and that is enough of a weekend commitment at this stage. Quite a few of the guys who race here in Mandurah also race at Syd's. It is Dave, who is hopefully the 2nd WA entrant, also races at Syd's.
  3. Oi! Who is this Alzheimer geezer? Don't cover for him!
  4. Another one from over here is keen and has put his name up too, please Paul. We may as well be another country over here in West Oz, it seems some days!
  5. Aus post delivery speed matches my car then!
  6. I have no experience with these cars at all, so obviously that makes me a perfect candidate to offer my expert opinion...cough... Just a thought, and I don't know what the ramifications could be, but if the Alfas/ Mercedes were in the 85g weight range, do you make a minimum class weight of 90g, perhaps?? Will more than likely have unintended consequences I don't know of (make them too sluggish)? You've probably already considered this, so I'll slink back and hide under my rock. Fantastic looking event everyone, well done all!
  7. What was that, increased entrants to 34?
  8. Me too! I would imagine the NSRs will have the edge, being wider
  9. I would like to enter again to defend my wooden spoon crown!
  10. Back to work? That sounds like good news (health wise) but bad news (life style wise) too! Hope it is all going well for you Paul and you are firing on all cylinders
  11. The problem is the South Aussies sometime mistake the courier pigeons for crows and eat them before the parcels arrive...
  12. They sure look nice to me, but then again, I aspire to reach the loft heights of becoming a slot-cretan
  13. I hope they fix the front bumper alignment on the A9X for this time around. We are lucky to have so many Oz only releases, although I was hoping Kevin Bartlett's Camaro would make an appearance. But as the 'standard' one hasn't been released yet, I can see why (if ever?) Maybe next year? Are there any US only or Europe only etc releases??
  14. Nicely produced chassis there Bingo, great to see! What body is going on top?
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