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  1. This week's racing (1/7/22) will be Inline Slot.it and V8Supercars Come one, come all!
  2. Another fun week's racing has been run and won. This week gone we raced F1 and open class. The field spread is getting very small with not much between getting into a higher or lower main final. Results from F1 / Open Wheeler 1st: Tom, 2nd Tony, 3rd Dave, 4th Ron Results from Open Class: 1st Dave, 2nd Shayne, 3rd Ron, 4th Macca Well done on a great night's racing held in good spirits with good, fun banter flying about (almost as quickly as the cars )
  3. Did you get any form of answer from them?
  4. Shaynus

    Hi all!

    G'day Pokitren Welcome aboard! Absolutely no reason why you can't be nerdy/geeky and fun too! (I should know! )
  5. Something of historical interest! Maybe I'll enter a VW Beetle next time...
  6. Careful - your car might get swiped by come convict blooded no gooder!
  7. It won't take long for all our worst habits to rub off on him!
  8. This week, the 24th June, the classes racing are F1 and Open Class - should be a fast paced night! Zoom zoom!
  9. Another race night has come and gone. Unfortunately I couldn't make it, but in spite of that ( or maybe because of it! ) by all accounts it was another enjoyable evening of racing. This week Sideways Group 5 and the Club cars (NSR Clios) were the classes raced. And the results are as follows: Sideways Group 5: 1st: Tom, 2nd: Dave, 3rd: Ron, 4th Tony Club Cars: 1st: Tom, 2nd: Tony, 3rd Macca, 4th: Ron Well done guys!
  10. Here are some progress shots of Charlesx Camaro (posted with his permission ) Nice work!
  11. I personally have no problem with the "open" motor rule, I think it makes for interesting comparisons between different makes , types and layouts of motors. I am more than happy to admit that it is more than likely because this event is only the 2nd proxy I have ever entered into (the 1st being the previous edition). Old hands at entering proxy racing events probably take for granted the things I am still discovering. No doubt a lot of the entrants have probably forgotten more about setting up a good proxy car than I the little I have learnt so far - as my far from stellar results show! I had an idea about chassis design. My 1st was a failure, but that was more to do with what little I knew about 3D printing at the time. My chassis for this event has lasted so far, but is still uncompetitive. But now I know it is a design fault, not a manufacturing fault that is the cause, so for my next entry I have other ideas I want to try out. They too, may not work as I hope, but I won't know that until compared to the other entrants. That is what makes these proxy series so enjoyable and interesting to me, even though I am only seeing the tail lights of the many cars in front of me in the standings. We all have to start somewhere!
  12. Thanks guys for hosting/running the round. I agree, it is interesting to compare the results of the two rounds Also appreciate the feed back videos too - it is great to know my idea of having some lateral give in the guide holder doesn't work, so that feature won't be back!
  13. G'day Paul You don't need to get the rear track down to 60mm, the tyres can be up to 1mm wider each side than the body, but only if you want to. By all means, they can be narrower than that if you like. Mind you, if the XB rear fender is 58mm wide (don't have one on hand to measure), then yes your max over all tyre width would be limited to 60mm If, for example your car is 60mm wide across the rear fenders, your rear tyres can be up to 62mm wide overall. For that same example, if your rear tyres only end up being 56mm wide (well inside the line of the rear guards) that is absolutely fine too. Same goes, if your car is say, 40mm wide, your rear tyres can only be 42mm overall width. Cheers, Shaynus
  14. For this week, the 17th June we will be racing Sideways Group 5 and Club cars (under lights)
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