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  1. Steam punk hand controller! Vundabar komrade!
  2. I 1st read that as the Munter has arrived! I think I must be spending too much time on slot car forums
  3. This is my 3D printed "flat packed" rat rod. Based on an old SCX F1 chassis so the front wheels steer
  4. Yep, I agree, no doubt there will be something there, I just need to pull my finger out and have a look / research. Does the above image show up 'normal size or huge on other people's screens?
  5. Yay! I downloaded " Quickimgur " from the android playstore. Works pretty much like postimage on the PC. Just need to work out how to reduce photo file size on my phone...
  6. Yeah, fair enough, I thought as much. It would be nice if postimage had a movie app version
  7. No, definitely interested! Do you run same gearing front and back? You may have mentioned earlier but I have forgotten. If the gearing is the same it may pay to sand the rears a l little bit more than the front so the fronts pull the car along and the rear isn't trying to over take it? Would be interested to compare laptimes with both motors in (same weight) but with only one motor connected to see how 4wd compares to FWD to RWD
  8. Just wondering, is there a quick & easy (ish) way to post images from a mobile device? I use postimage on my PC, but mostly browse this forum on my android devices. No biggie if I can't, just a bit more messing around getting my photos off my mobile on to the PC (and actually firing up the PC!) Cheers, Shayne
  9. G'day All One of my compatriots ask me to spruce up his NSR F1 white test car. I immediately went to white F1 = Martini (rightly or wrongly), so here is my take on a fantasy livery: I even put his name on it: I designed the number and name decals and printed them on a sheet of clear adhesive labels. I'm glad it worked, I had thought of it ages ago and only just now had an opportunity to give it a go. The rest of the decals are off generic sheets Cheers, Shayne
  10. I think you'll find Munter is far further ahead than that!
  11. So, would a picture of me (fugly) holding a car (cool) count??
  12. Ha! It is working fine now for this reply! (Of course!) Fixed just like that - jeez you're good Jacob! Actually, thinking of it, I think it worked ok last night too, so obviously an issue at my end (Samsung Android phone) Sorry for the false alarm
  13. Just a FYI, when on my phone pressing icons, or reply boxes only works when in landscape mode (phone held sideways). Once in the "reply to topic" text box I can turn the phone back to portrait and type away. Not a biggie, but thought you should know, and let other users know in case they were getting stuck not being able to reply.
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