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  1. Thanks for posting that Kevan
  2. I get a "URL signature expired" message when I try to look at those images on my phone
  3. What he said! The Mirages are very cool, was waiting to hear of availability
  4. Oh, I dream of retirement- Preferably lotto induced! That's the only way I have any chance of ever getting through my "to do" list!
  5. Looks great! Thanks for showing us and bringing it to our attention
  6. Basis of a Gen3 V8supercar perhaps??
  7. I agree. Will be interesting to see how they perform against the NSR F1 cars
  8. Can anyone tell me which size MJK tyre would fit the rear wheels of the Jag, please?
  9. Thanks for the Shake down /qualifying runs Paul. I think next year I'll revert back to a more normal guide set up. Last year the quality of (my 3D) manufacturing was pretty dismal so couldn't tell if it was the design or execution that caused the drama. This year hopefully it will hold together better, so it looks like it the design of the guide holder needs to be scrapped. Oh well! That was the reason of me trying the design in this proxy to get a bit of trial by fire. R&D... racing and disaster, er, research and development!
  10. That's terrible - my car can't afford to be slowed down any more!
  11. 3 generations (well, sort of) of Batmobile
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