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  1. Recieved a package on the 21st of july from Hong Kong , ordered it on the 5th of June. roughly 7 weeks with all thats going on in the world!
  2. Cheers for the Mention SlotsNZ. I had tried joining earlier on last year, well before the forum upgrade but alas no luck so I contacted Munter through FB and he had helped me in joining via the "behind the scenes" (thanks Munter) so I had an account but it only partially worked. I could sign in but couldnt post, so I left it..... until I saw the notification on FB. As a new member here I feel that activity and membership on the forum will hopefully increase now joining the forum is more straightforward. Hopefully others will do the same. Cheers fellas!
  3. Yes thats right, just down the road! That would be Awesome!
  4. Hey Vinno. Its good to know I'm not the only nutter who moved from Aus to NZ. I'm a bit further north than Invercargill though! In a town called Waimate.
  5. Hi guys I got the notification through the facebook page about the forum upgrade which meant that new registrations were happening ,so yeah Hello from Sth Island New Zealand (even though i'm Originally from Sydney) I returned to the slot hobby last year after 20 odd years. nothing special! I'm just a rug racer with a basic scaley analogue setup. But certainly looking further my endeavours in the hobby and with a little help from the great people of this forum. cheers
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