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  1. Well the bings will contribute to 50% of that quota. All 3 of us in.
  2. The bings are in and have equipped the youngest with our fastest group 5
  3. Mark, I thought you were meant to sabotage the Sanke's car. Not make it better
  4. Could use the results of the legends series to find each racers average placing in the races they attended to help evenly distribute the teams
  5. Thanks. With competition this close every point is going to count. Also that one point just gives that little extra buffer on the old man.
  6. Hey Mark. Didn't I come out ahead of Mac at Pedro's? Should the 20 points not have been mine?
  7. I am will. Will bring the updated spreadsheet if anyone wants to see where they are sitting after last week
  8. I'm out for Friday and Saturday, sorry gents. See you Thursday
  9. Will be there but have to bail after legends as I have work at 8pm
  10. The issue with the legends race was definitely USB port related. Plugged the 3d printer into the front ports and started having issues with the printer. So definitely not using the front ports moving forward
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