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  1. I'll definately be grabbing this one, love it will be great to race it against my Brock car
  2. Damn I love the look of that, especially the green livery
  3. For the one off I purchased one of the ones that I linked but for future cars I do think wiring in the genuine Carrera will be a much better idea. Because not every car I own will continue to be Carrera I want to buy what I like... Not that I need more cars but lets be honest more will be had lol
  4. Damn, well theres news I never expected, this is sounding impressive
  5. So Im wondering what the options are when it comes to converting a Scalextric car to a Carrera digital track, I know theres the Carson chip available but are there other options that dont cost $80 posted? https://race.cincyslots.com/shop-124-132-slot-car-carrera-scalextric-ninco-fly-cars-analog-digital-nsr-slot-race-set-track-evolution-exclusiv-rehnbahn-sloter-nascar-monogram-controller/carson-cr500707130-carrera-digital-132-chip-for-scalextric-dpr/ This is the chip im speaking of for anyone not familiar
  6. As already discussed add me to the list. (This is more so you have record of it somewhere other than messanger )
  7. So after weeks of wanting to get in I finally got out to Mr Slotcar in Hallam Vic today, grabbed myself another car at the same time and had fun with it on one of their wooden tracks, plenty of crashes almost lost a mirror but thankfully I found where it landed on the ground. My brand new car now have proof its lived lol The heart breaking moment when you see it go over the side knowing its hitting cement, my heart sank but it was all okay Edit: New car was the Carrera 27561 - Ford Capri, gorgeous model, I figured now I have one from both of the major brands,
  8. Im a tabletop gamer, I was lost in this before I started lol
  9. So I've added to my collection tonight, via the internet. The tragedy grows lol I've just ordered one of the Scalextric Candy Red XY GTHO cars. I knew I wanted these already. However after seeing how someone converted one into a ute, I might have to get two... lol Also grabbed the Wario Carrera GO car in the same order
  10. I attempted to upload an image to a few servers as I would have in other forums in the past but I dont seem to be able to use the feature (because Im new I guess) but I purchased the Carrera Go Ferrari 488 GTW (AF Course No 51) Linked below is a local store that sells the product, but my personal recommendation would be to support the local stores that support your local community. https://www.metrohobbies.com.au/products/carrera-go-ferrari-488-gte-af-corse-no-51-blue
  11. So when I say Im new I literally mean until earlier today I owned nothing slot cars for at least the last 20 years, sadly I don't know what happened to my old childhood set or even what brand it was, definitely on the smaller size as you'd expect of course. So I've started my collection with a car from the Carrera Go set, so why did I start with Carrera Go? Well its not because thats the direction I want to go, I'm definitely more keen on the 1/32 scale but until the garage is cleaned out I dont have many options for a track of my own short term, my mate however owns a Carrera Go set and Id rather damage a car of my own when I (lets be honest here) DO have a crash because I underestimate a corner or something. Most likely leaning towards the Carrera track sets for my own stuff, maybe long term I can look into crafting something of my own but for now Id like to start sensible and I really love the digital track change systems that are around now. So this is the start of my journey and will hopefully begin to build into a progress thread I can be proud of someday. Thoughts on the Carrera car itself? Well it looks cute, I was surprised by the lack of injection mould on the wheels as the larger cars seem to have a lot more of it from what ive seen on Youtube, wheels definitely need to be trued though.
  12. This is an amazing story, I think itd be good to see more of this in similar hobbies, I mean Wargaming for example has its gatherings and such with PAX and the general Cons but you dont often get chances for these to be seen that Im aware of
  13. One hell of an inspirational thread man loving your work
  14. Yes I like this plan, hoping to go along to something this weekend if the roster for work isnt changed. I've got 2-3 potential car choices in my mind at the moment, purely based on aesthetics right now. Mainly because when I do get the chance to play I dont want to have an off and feel bad for breaking a friend's car.
  15. I've written it a few times now my experiance thus far since the TV show consists of searching youtube for things to watch and tempt myself with lol I suspect Im coming from a similar angle to most people, except I found it much later in life (36) No insanity here, the voices in my head told me so Glad to know I'm not alone in my green-ness
  16. Thanks for helping out mate glad to be here. At least to start with (because I have to learn) I'll have to leave them in but I'm aware that if I'm going to be attending clubs that will need to change. I figure I'll want a few different cars as I get into this just a matter of starting somewhere. Id rather not risk anyone else's cars if/when I have an off. Ford XY is very very tempting Im also HUGELY tempted by the Carrera Pontiac Firebird, always loved the car. But Im tempted by far too many things right now haha
  17. That's a real shame I was really tempted to grab one of those. Though Im new to the hobby. This is very tempting, my father had (and ruined) one of the base models IRL cars when I was young (XY) always had a softspot for it, would be nice to grab one and custom paint it to look like the old one.
  18. Huge thanks to @Vinno for helping me set up, new to the forum and to the hobby. I did have a cheap set as a kid (no idea what brand or what happened to it but doubt it was one of the major brands). Stumbled back across this hobby a week or so ago while watching James Mays Toy Stories and... Really keen to get into it.
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