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  1. Yep ! So is this a "house class" should/do we need to bring a Legend, or you have ready to race?
  2. Thanks Pat for a GREAT night and those results look awesome.......long time since I have seen results like that.. Now I understand why Hamilton and Verstappen are such great buddies. I really, really love this hobby
  3. Dave was saying that cars needed minimal/friction contact off the front wheels and as wide as possible (stability), a lot like out riggers on a bike, and is why he suggests coating the outside tip with 10sec glue or nail varnish.
  4. Thankyou, thankyou...Mac, Pip and Dave, oh and all the guest from out of town for a GREAT couple of days. Very informative and GREAT camaraderie. Very pleased to have been able to make it. What a great result
  5. Yep ! Falls road Mac's Friday...6.30 Mac's Sat. Master class only (at this stage)
  6. Absolutely no problems from me, BUT.. I do object to the way he looks at me and not the car he's racing, "while racing". I think he would be good Bing to race along side. Good slotcar pedigree
  7. Thunder Road this week, Ladies. To all the Ladies .......Yep!
  8. Pat, so clever....I think they were concerned for Rosscos screaming pup! Loved the racing in the Bing ring, so competitive
  9. weeks. I thin the postpone is the fire runner at the moment. Me thinks you've had toooo much of the butterscotch???
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