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  1. Great to get out again, nice to have that GT1 race.... LAST, (great result compared to the 1st. 2). Nice No. that turned out, got through the night really quick. Got home and wifey asked if I was still going out.
  2. Back in town.........Yep! If not racing, let me know and will bring some things just to throw around (as I do)
  3. I have ringing in the ears all the time.......but I'll go with David Bowie haaha heehe. Looks like a lot of fun
  4. Yep ! ... But I'm not a rules person..........? Wait a minute yes I am........See ya all there
  5. Yep! (I think) Wow Peter your track is looking awesome, you've done a great job with that extension.
  6. Aghh yes...A great night at the Pat with alot of oooh! & Aghhs! Great to see the Munter (sore back and all) weather must be warming up?.. There is alot of seriousness coming to the track which is bringing out the knowledge, build and driving skills of all, which makes the nights so much fun. Annnnnd competitive .......LoViT
  7. Sorry to hear Dave, I have the hospital tomorrow, but if you need any help with any clean up Wed.I could pop over.
  8. Ooh! Sorry bit late Nuh!.......how'd it go, hehehehehe Miss me?
  9. Thanks Mark for a great night......Yes the headlight glass is mine, figures with the way I was driving in that class, bang bang biff
  10. Ryan was fast and consistent only because his SON was watching, and he's quicker!
  11. Awesome night great racing...but I'm gutted! Munter , haven't seen him for (well lost count of the weeks) comes to the night with a grin from ear to ear, nice to see you too, races like he's never missed a night then goes home with a bigger grin and some liquid refreshments. What an absolute legend! Great to watch down to the last second
  12. Thanks Mark for last night. Got home and had a quick talk with 2 other mates of mine and so me , myself & I all agreed it was fun, scrappy racing with all having a chance a podium finish.
  13. I reckon he's removed the elephant. Pat that works on Brain cells!!! Sheeeezzzz that's why I'm wearing a hat these days to stop the rest escaping. Catchup Thurs.
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