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  1. Great work guys, that looks amazing.....missing you all and not catching up with these new adjustments and the new guys. Not to worry you will need tissues on my return. Keep up the good skills
  2. Hi Ya!....yep! If you can let me know what time I maybe able to make some arrangements to help out if req'd
  3. Thanks everyone for your messages they mean a lot. I'm OK just a bit shaken .If you don't already know I was robbed at BP petrol station today . After my experience and initial shock I managed to give the Police a report . Scared the absolute crap out of me . The police were quick to respond and calmed me down which was great because I lost my s#!t . My money's gone, however. The police asked me if I knew who did it and I told them, "Yes, it was pump number 1." Stay safe guys
  4. QR codes always good for a track..................and trace of course. BUT..sorry to say guys I am out until further notice, and I will miss you all BIG time. Stay safe. Rodsun
  5. Many thanks for the outing guys it was great fun, I take my "cap" off to those two youngsters Jak and Joshua they were very fast and quite consistent (or is that persistent).it was good to watch them enjoying the night with the grownups (not you Snake). Have a good Xmas and New Year all....Cheers
  6. Yep ! So is this a "house class" should/do we need to bring a Legend, or you have ready to race?
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