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  1. Thanks Mark for last night. Got home and had a quick talk with 2 other mates of mine and so me , myself & I all agreed it was fun, scrappy racing with all having a chance a podium finish.
  2. I reckon he's removed the elephant. Pat that works on Brain cells!!! Sheeeezzzz that's why I'm wearing a hat these days to stop the rest escaping. Catchup Thurs.
  3. Wide angle lens or not .....that's good "space" Thanks Mac for another awesome night with great companionship and competition.......CHEERS
  4. Crikey....you guys are so clever, and after all your excuses Mark (poor Jasper) happy to have such a fun night. The racing at stages was really competive and action packed ......AWESOME
  5. Yeah I get it Mark...bit like politics, them, that, the other. I'll be there Pat
  6. Yeah thanks Mark ...Awesome night with some great racing. Can't say I loved the new guy (luigi) only showed his face when racing and beat me in all classes.
  7. Thanks for a great night in the Mac shed, great to see new faces and scary to see them control so well!!! Munter & Dave were trying to talk to me I thought I was hearing voices from all over the shed.........same drugs as Paul. Can't wait for the next one.
  8. Rodsun will be there....PLAY?..........Maybe.!! I'll bring my kit and see what happens
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