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  1. Sorry a but slow this week are we racing at Pedro's this week and what classes are we using
  2. I'm away this week aswell looking forward to the enduro though have fun everyone
  3. Cool I'll have to have a look at a 65/80 sports haven't got one of those yet
  4. I don't have enough knowledge to be honest so I'll go with what the knowledgeable decide.
  5. I'd be keen on one not sure what it is but Im keen haha
  6. I'll take it Ross if it's still available please
  7. Hi Mark I'll grab some of those tyre's please
  8. I've got all of them Mac I'm in nga mihi e hoa
  9. Hi Mac I'm keen on something but will have to talk to Dave cause I have no idea what I'm keen on haha
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