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  1. Thank you everyone that made this year very enjoyable slowly getting better and having some great battles a long the way with some great conversions and banter looking forward to next year with more of the same. Merry xmas all hope you and your families have a safe and enjoyable time.
  2. Thanks for a great night everyone had a massive battle with Ross awesome night thanks Gents
  3. Looks to me like that guy needs to sharpen his start procedure up haha thanks for a great night
  4. Yes was a massive night thanks Mac for sorting the cars and the event there was some great battles through the hole event. Oh and the slot dogs were top notch.
  5. The pc must have been missing that guy and his XC Falcon that was the problem
  6. Sorry gents keen as to attend tonight but my back has just told me otherwise hope you have a great night
  7. Thanks for a great night nice to catch up on your travels Mark and to see Bingo flying in Nascar and R2 going great guns with the new controller bring on next week
  8. Funny how some people can put photos up on this site ah Pat hahaha
  9. Thanks for another great night was nice hear about your trip Mark and good to see Bingo up in nascar and R2 going really well when he took some throttle out with the new controller.
  10. Thank you for a great night gentlemen was great fun slowly get the car's better every outing
  11. Who's doing the train visit could car pool
  12. Hey guys would anyone have some tyre's for a Btcc they would be prepared to part with please
  13. I'd be keen to have a look Mac as long as there's a few of us
  14. I'm away for work this week see you all next time
  15. The track was awesome clean away Bingo.
  16. Awesome night thank you Paul and Ryan
  17. More track time I'm keen if you want a bunny to cruz around
  18. Yes thanks for a great night last night starting to really enjoy the more challenging tracks
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