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  1. Does the Dmt have to be run in the same configuration as the Dmt weekend?
  2. Thanks for opening up this afternoon Mac found a few issues much appreciated
  3. No pressure Paul but if you own the track you have to win on it haha
  4. Yes thank you everyone who helped this event take place and to all the traveller's that made this a great fun day have to agree with Bingo and Pedro great racing against you guy's was awesome fun bring it on on Thursday.
  5. Thanks to Bingo for the use of his Btcc and everyone for a great night's racing see you all tonight
  6. Mines wearing the emperors clothes that will be a challenge for you Munter haha
  7. Yeah thanks Paul even slopped some slot dog on me running to your rescue haha
  8. Thanks Mac Yes I am JS people have let me join so just need to know what to order
  9. Sorry a but slow this week are we racing at Pedro's this week and what classes are we using
  10. I'm away this week aswell looking forward to the enduro though have fun everyone
  11. Cool I'll have to have a look at a 65/80 sports haven't got one of those yet
  12. I don't have enough knowledge to be honest so I'll go with what the knowledgeable decide.
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