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  1. Thanks for another great night was nice hear about your trip Mark and good to see Bingo up in nascar and R2 going really well when he took some throttle out with the new controller.
  2. Thank you for a great night gentlemen was great fun slowly get the car's better every outing
  3. Hey guys would anyone have some tyre's for a Btcc they would be prepared to part with please
  4. Yes thanks for a great night last night starting to really enjoy the more challenging tracks
  5. Hey Mac I'm away on Saturday but would be keen on a group c if you have one available
  6. Thanks Paul, Ryan track is massive to drive on really looking forward to Thursday night have fun with the family challenge
  7. Thanks for a great night last night Pat oh and to Mark for the use of his Btcc car got me on the podium
  8. Yes I paid a visit today as well awesome effort can't wait to get beaten by Paul and Ryan
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