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  1. Have fun JK hope the Father land is good to you
  2. I'm out tonight have fun boys.
  3. Can one of the brains trust please tell me what type of motor I need to buy for the Scaley Muscle car preferably one that does smoke like the last haha Track Looks Good Rossco and Graeme
  4. Great night last night and thanks for the help with the Legend Mark stoked with the way it was going last night.
  5. Great to catchup with you Again Bone hope you have a great trip home look forward to seeing you again next 400
  6. I would like some help as to what parts to purchase for the legend upgrade please Mark I'm in for Thursday as well
  7. Snake can you please check I voted correctly cheers
  8. I'm a no show sorry Pedro in for the PB
  9. I have an appointment at 5 tomorrow night so I could be a little late
  10. Give me a call Rossco if you need a lift 021 1749091
  11. Now that I have a new smooooooooooooooooth workshop Id be keen I'm in tonight as well
  12. Anyone got any brill cream smooth new car smooooth new controller need to work on the smooth operator hahaha
  13. Talking to Paul over the weekend and we thought that because we are low on numbers and tracks maybe we could mix the classes up a bit put all the classes we race in a hat and pick out 3 per night until they all done just a thought
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