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  1. All good with the QR code not worried about wearing a mask but I am happy to wear one if some of you slot jocks are happier to go that way sorry to hear your not going to be around for a while Rod Kia Kaha E hoe I will miss the banter, at this stage am not keen to race until March so goodness only knows what we will look like by then.
  2. I'm out to Gentle men had my gear already to go but have decided to call it a year thanks for all the laughs, food and what ever else see you all in a few months hope you all have a great xmas and if you are lucky either to get a holiday be safe and enjoy That Guy signing off for 2021
  3. That's a shame you don't have a BTCC Graeme is a great class hahaha
  4. Im in for Thursday, Friday I get my first jab so will lay low Friday night Be good to go on Saturday though
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