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  1. Roscoe, Marty, Rod - I will have your rolling roads there on Thursday. Everyone else there will be some Dave West style tyre gluing tools………these are a freebie, first come first served. [4 up for grabs] Roscoe, Rod & Richard have already claimed one each
  2. If anyone is interested I have added to the brochure from the Masterclass all the notes I took.
  3. Interesting stuff. A new dimension is understanding the physics. It intrigues me. I said to Ryan months ago that I’d love to have a super slow mo camera to see what is actually happening in corners.
  4. Mark on the camber, what Dave did was definitely on the inside, I have a photo of it.
  5. Mark I am waiting for female plugs for the leads. The camber is 3degrees, one of the things Dave West showed us.
  6. A few Project lockdown......have I been busy? Hell yeah. 6 x Rolling roads, 2 awaiting parts from Jaycar. Little block on the bottom right is a Hotrod design taper sanding block. 5 x Dave West Tyre fitting tools. 3 x Wheel & Gear Balance Frames
  7. This lockdown has hit where it hurts the most!!!! I have run out of raw material for making stuff.
  8. I am now on a weeks leave so I will start assembling the rolling roads for those who asked for them. Mark , Rod, Roscoe, Marty. If I have missed anyone please sing out
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