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  1. Bingo is in...........Marty will take Smithies slot if he doesn't make it.
  2. “Thanks to Pedro and the Bings for offering them for the boys to run” Correction, was just highlighting we had two so we are in for any racing. Not so sure about lending them out……one is In enough danger with me driving it lol. I would be open to chipping in to a couple of “club cars”
  3. All sounds to me and I’m in for NSR F1. Ryan and I have one each.
  4. I will be very sad to see GT1 go. Like Mac I like the faster cars and I like the tuning too. But I guess democracy has spoken.
  5. I think smithies idea of rotating the not so fav cars has merit. It’s almost a win win.
  6. Snake, can you share the results thus far. Once you have voted you can’t see the results.
  7. Falls Road This Week........last time at Kennedy Rd venue. Doors open from 5:45 give or take. Aussie Touring. Scaley F1 GT3
  8. That team’s more stacked than Dolly Parton……..that’s assuming Bingo can stay on the road haha
  9. Falls Road this week BTCc Muscle 65-80 sports doors open at 18:00
  10. Look forward to participating in my first Pie-Bone classic
  11. Give me a call when you are ready. I qualify as the “fella” but.
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