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  1. “Ooh! Sorry bit late Nuh!.......how'd it go, hehehehehe” of course we missed you Rod. You missed the drift cars on track
  2. No takers yet for race night in terms of venue. If no one has put their hand up we can meet at Falls Road. I believe it will be Pre 65 classics GT1 Group C. Whoops just realised it’s only Tuesday not Wednesday....,..silly old bugger
  3. I believe it’s the Falls Road week. Doors open at 6:00. Mac please message Marty and offer an invitation to him on my behalf. Week 5 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3
  4. Apologies guys I am reasonably new to slot cars so some of my terminology i.e gear sizes is not exactly correct. I appretiate the comments & the help with it all lol. Huge learning curve for me. I am drawing stuff on request & not always fully understanding what I am doing lol. Here are two pictures of the finished article. As SlotNZ pointed out the shaft centres are different by 0.5mm
  5. The pods are ready if anyone is interested at NZ$9 plus postage. These are the side winder pods for the FF-50 and 30 Motors. There are 2 options in terms of motor to axle centre distances 1. Suits a 36T gear and 8T pinion 2. Suits a 36T gear and 9T pinion If you have another gear/pinion combination I can accommodate that if you contact me. Additional measurement will need to be provided The axle holes are drilled to suit bushes or bearings......these are not supplied. You can contact me on baldkopje@gmail.com Thanks for your interest
  6. Just bought 1 of those motors so I can model it
  7. Once Mark is happy i can print to order; sounds like they are working for him.
  8. I could do them if I had a sample to make the drawing from
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