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  1. Anyone interested in some racing Thursday. GT1, NASCAR, DTM ok it looks like we have a few racers so it’s on at Falls Road on Thursday
  2. Ok racing Thursday at Falls Road is on [Just]. takers so far Paul, Ryan, Marty, Rod, Pedro. Marshalling will be energetic. Doors will open at 6:00. Any other takers please put your hands up seats are cheap and available. Whoops just noticed i used the wrong quote LOL. Classes are DTM, Nascar, GT1 Update, Marty has withdrawn.......we really need 1 more, any takers.
  3. A good couple of hours with Smithy burning rubber and chin wagging.
  4. Doesn't look like we have the numbers so we will give it a miss.
  5. Anyone interested in some racing? I’ll open Thursday night at 18:00. Nascar DTM GT1
  6. Been meaning to make one of these for ages. Easy to fit, nice and centred and runs true.
  7. Says he who always sits at the top table with the gods of hbmrc whilst the rest of us chew dust and rubber. Lol
  8. Yes, we slow pokes will need lots of practise. What class was he racing to post the time.
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