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  1. SOS, has anyone got a car with these wheel inserts on. I am drawing them for Pendleslot but would like to set eyes on an actual set. Quite hard getting a feel for depth from a photo and I figured that amongst our members there must be 300-400 cars out there.
  2. Okay lads looks like we have enough interest. V8 Fly Classic LMP Doors open from 5:45
  3. I was going to host a race on Thursday, is there any interest or are we done for 2021? Give me a show of hands, if we get numbers I’ll post the classes.
  4. Some exciting and scary news on the Bing front. I have picked up interest from Pendle Slot Racing in my Resin Wheel Inserts [current sizes and 2 additional sizes they'd like me to produce], Tyre Cleaning Station & Guide repair parts. Early days yet but exciting none the less. Thanks to Mac for making contact and recommending the wheel inserts to his contact at Pendle Slot. Thanks also Mark for lots of encouragement in the sales direction
  5. Yeah good night for sure. Have a good break. Re NSR’s I’m keen.
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