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  1. Yeah I thought it was expensive for what it was only being cardboard. The word cardboard still worries me a bit as far as quality and longevity goes, does anyone else use cardboard in thier layouts?
  2. I was looking at buying one of these: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-32-Scale-Suspension-Bridge-Kit-for-Scalextric-Other-Static-Layouts/132828886235?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 My concern with being cardboard is it will go out of shape or flex or bend in its finished state. The seller saids it wont but I thought I'd ask here first? So has anyone bought one of these or have something similar and can comment how it is in thier layout.
  3. Storm68


    I’m running a plastic track and wood isn’t an option. I asked for advice from people who have experience, something I don’t have. I don’t want to go spraying Inox on tyres when I shouldn’t, it’s like saying drink this maybe it’ll kill you maybe it won’t, give it a go. I don’t really get it, on another forum I posted about some bugs on a race app and all I got from the developer was are you serious? It’s was a bugs thread so I assumed that was the right thing to do, I wasn’t bored, I had app problems. I ask for advice here and I get a try it yourself. If I wasn’t concerned about doing the wrong thing I would but because I don’t know I asked. Honestly I give up trying to ask for help, all I want is a constructive answer not something generic.
  4. Storm68


    I should have mentioned I’m using rubber tyres. 2 conflicting answers already 😁
  5. Storm68


    I know you can use Inox MX3 for cleaning braids and track rails but can you use it on tyres for added grip? I usually use Ballistol but it’s a pain to get so some people say mx3 is ok to use and some say it’s not. WD40 is supposed to be ok as well but it’s petroleum based whereas Inox MX3 is a lot more friendlier.
  6. Storm68

    Oil And Grease

    Just wondering what oil and grease everyone is using on spur/pinion gears and wheel bearings. I have Ballistol and Inox MX3 can I use these on the wheel bearings? I know only certain stuff can only go on certain parts so I thought it best to ask before I use the wrong stuff.
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking at building my own pit lane buildings and garages as well as grandstands but not 100% sure on what I want to do. Can anyone post some pictures of what they've done to give me some ideas. 1/32 scale. Thanks.
  8. Storm68


    I was told that even though WD40 is good for tyres because its petroleum based its not good for plastics. So if you drip any or overspray and it gets onto the car body/chassis in time it can cause damage. Thats why I went with the Ballistol, again I was told its just as good as WD-40 but without the plastic damaging issue. I'm happy to buy some Inox for the braids but again no one seems to know the difference between it and Ballistol. To me they appear the same so I'm not sure why I'd need 2 things the same. Can someone explain the difference to me if there is one?
  9. Storm68


    Ok cool I havent looked so plan B then is to tape over them then. All good guys thanks for the help.
  10. Storm68


    How did you go with the windows, just removed them or taped over or it doesnt matter?
  11. Storm68


    Hey mate, wish the link was still active from eBay. It was a Betta Electrical Ford Falcon, old Lowndes one I think. VooDoo drops sounds familiar. He did come across a bit of a knob as he was rattling brands and their purpose off a fair bit. I dont know enough to say whats good or bad at this point. Inox seems to be the go to for braids but I cant see the difference between it and Ballistol going by what it saids it does on the can. Is there anything of note worth using to clean the track with apart from a moist cloth? Plastic track not wood. I know copper tape is good for conductivity but not so sure on a track cleaner.
  12. Storm68


    Thanks Roger, is the Ambrose Falcon with the Long Life floor polisher or the White Knight? Looks good and will work for what I need.
  13. Storm68


    A mate is giving me an old Russell Ingall Ford Falcon that has lost the gloss on the car shell. It looks more like a matt finish. Is there a product I can spray or use that will give the car a clear gloss finish again? Something plastic safe. I did post this on another forum but it was international, need to know some local Aussie products to use.
  14. Storm68


    Hey guys, Recently on eBay I saw a car being advertised that had been previously raced. The seller said he had used several different sprays on the motor, brushes,bearings and tyres. I cant quote the listing as its now expired but it was at least 4 different sprays to utilise the car's performance. So what is everyone using on what and where? I use Ballistol on my tyres after I sand them but thats about it. I've seen people mention Inox MX3 for the braids, how is that different to Ballistol, it seems the same thing. Also some NSR spray on the motor? Not sure how to use anything on the motor as its sealed with only one or two tiny openings.
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