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  1. Hi everyone, sorry to say that this is my farewell. I have enjoyed my time with everyone in the club and the racing. However I unfortunately have a slightly competitive streak. I do not need to be at the front but I do like to feel that I am doing well. At the moment I am tending to be last or close to it, and this is mainly because I am not an instinctive, natural driver. I need lots and lots of driving practice to achieve a reasonable standard. This really means building my own track and unfortunately that is not something you can do while living in a caravan. I made a conscious choice to live as I do as it allowed me to retire slightly early. So compromises have to be made and this is one of them. I wish you all the best for all your slot car adventures. If you are interested in any of my cars, controllers or slot car related equipment please get in touch with Mac. Cheers, Paul Briggs.
  2. Mark was mumbling about hosting because last chance before he goes overseas, but obviously he has not confirmed this yet.
  3. Somehow after you have finished the braiding you also have to resist track time temptation to do the scenery
  4. Paid a visit to the Falls Road track today. Ryan and Paul were working like a well drilled team applying braid. 10/10 for the effort and looks of the track guys. Lots of nice straights.
  5. Question about Ninco Jag XK in the pre 65 class. For those that own these cars and have altered the rear tyres and rims: Did you persist with the Ninco rear axle and gears and drill out NSR/Slotit rims, or did you use some other brand of axle and gears please? If you did change the axle did you have to modify the axle bushes in some way?
  6. Might need a croupier rake or two for marshaling some parts of that track
  7. Sorry folks, cannot make it tonight. All the best for the racing.
  8. Thank you Mac. I am back from Auckland so this will help me shake the dust out of the cars.
  9. Hope to be there, if I can reduce my level of gormlessness sufficiently
  10. I would also like to thank Mac for opening up his workshop last Sunday - these opportunities are gold for those of us lacking in skills/knowledge/equipment and test tracks. I should have posted this thank-you notice earlier - sorry about that Mac. Senior brain fart. Come to think of it, that might be a reasonably accurate nickname....
  11. Thanks for opening up your workshop for us today Mark, and the assistance to those of us with uncoordinated fingers and thumbs
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