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  1. Those maseratis are huge in real life. Was much larger than my slot.it mclaren lmp which is not exactly small. I wonder if the Skyline GTR will be very similar to the maserati
  2. Thanks for sharing. i have a 25 shark in mine (club rules) in my lambo. I did play around with weight setup. I have front similar to you, the rear i found the weight worked better having some also on the chassis just in front of motor. Body screws i love the 7mm sloting plus screws
  3. Not sure how big your track is but if its a home track i think it might be too small for the mosler AW. They are very powerful and usually excel on bigger wooden tracks. i would stick to your classic GT SW for good handling - nsr 917, 908 p68, gt40, thunderslot, slot.it gt40, alfa can am, policar 330 etc would all be good. Sideways group 5 usually you can get cheap for $60-70 - excellent value for money - brace the rear up
  4. I had the MR mclaren gulf. Best looking car i ever had, was a nightmare to setup properly. Would not buy again
  5. Damn after being happy with my sideways lambo i told myself i wasn't going to get the bmw. To me it looked a bit top heavy and not as sleek as the lambo, but now y9ou reckon it might be quicker. Had my heart set on the ferrari 458 but looks like thats not happening. Mclaren is my all time favourite car so that will be a no brainer for me come purchase time. Expectations are sky high for the mclaren, my Lambo usually nabs me a podium spot at my local club racing
  6. Such a nice car, was really tempted to get it myself. So many nice cars out there these days
  7. Thanks for the reply. I been playing around and setting up my mclaren. I don't have a track or much spare time so cars can take me 12+ months to tune and experiment with. By then a new model comes out !! Things i didn't like about my thunderslot. Chassis and pod are way too soft. If im paying $120 for a car i don't want to have to pay another $20. Front rims and tyres not likey, bugger to keep on and true. Fronts are way too hard to true properly. I didn't really like the allen key screws. Normal screws its easy to turn 1/4 turn here and there. Ive got a nice 908 which goes well, ill stick with playing with the thunderslot to see how it compares. At the moment its about 0.1-0.2 off, not smooth around corners so thats down to my tuning. Ive got the rear half of the pod with weight and a bit more weight behind front axle. Any other tips on how loose the motor pod and body should be ? thanks
  8. Can someone tell me the difference between a "stiff" and a "hard" thunderslot chassis ?
  9. Also with the strengthening of the chassis in the front i noticed you went downwards on the AMG and shaymas did also. I was thinking of bracing the front across ways between axle towers like a strut brace in real race cars. Any thoughts ?
  10. On the piano wire how do you guys get the wire dead straight ? i got some cheap rolled up but when i put it in a chassis it actually twisted the chassis. For the time being i am using toothpicks and glue
  11. Got a question. These single sided nsr bearings are damn expensive to buy. As an idea had anyone cut upwards with a dremmel from the bearing hole and slid a regular bearing down to fit inside the regular hole ? Would have to glue and stregthen the top part you cut but would this be an idea ?
  12. any updates on how it performs vs the bmw m1 ?
  13. r377

    Nonno Slot Cars

    Whats the go with the Fiat can ams ? They look very very similar to the slot.it alfa can am. Almost identical specs aswell
  14. r377

    Nonno Slot Cars

    Have you seen the new nonnoslot bodies with wings ? http://www.nonnoslot.it/index.php?id_product=152&controller=product&id_lang=9
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