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  1. Can someone tell me the difference between a "stiff" and a "hard" thunderslot chassis ?
  2. Also with the strengthening of the chassis in the front i noticed you went downwards on the AMG and shaymas did also. I was thinking of bracing the front across ways between axle towers like a strut brace in real race cars. Any thoughts ?
  3. On the piano wire how do you guys get the wire dead straight ? i got some cheap rolled up but when i put it in a chassis it actually twisted the chassis. For the time being i am using toothpicks and glue
  4. Got a question. These single sided nsr bearings are damn expensive to buy. As an idea had anyone cut upwards with a dremmel from the bearing hole and slid a regular bearing down to fit inside the regular hole ? Would have to glue and stregthen the top part you cut but would this be an idea ?
  5. any updates on how it performs vs the bmw m1 ?
  6. r377

    Nonno Slot Cars

    Whats the go with the Fiat can ams ? They look very very similar to the slot.it alfa can am. Almost identical specs aswell
  7. r377

    Nonno Slot Cars

    Have you seen the new nonnoslot bodies with wings ? http://www.nonnoslot.it/index.php?id_product=152&controller=product&id_lang=9
  8. r377

    Racer 5's

    love the black capri
  9. r377

    Paints And Decals

    Thanks for the replies guys, those Ferrari's look very impressive. Ive just ordered a Ferrari 250 LM from area71
  10. r377

    Paints And Decals

    Hi, New to painting, what is a good brand of paint and clear ? Tamiya is a bit pricey for me, is there any decent budget brands which do a decent job ? Ive been using Supercheap export aerosol spray can on inserts they have come out quite good, not sure if good enough to do a car body ? thanks Export Aerosol Paint
  11. r377

    Scalextric A9X Hatchback

  12. bump - anymore tips on how to tune a Pioneer Camaro or Mustang ?
  13. Any tips on tuning an NSR Mosler for wooden routed tracks ? Both anglewinder or sidewinder NSR mosler. Weight setup etc
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