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  1. I measured mine.....my eyesight isn't that bad that I cant read the numbers :-)
  2. And also.....what's their excuse for having a wider front wheel track than the rear ??
  3. PM sent regards Gulf 956 mate regards
  4. That is heartbreaking......gee living on an island is a pain at times....can't even get in a car/truck to pickup stuff like this.
  5. Hi all, well...very late to the party on this thread...but i was reading through to see if I could find any details on a couple of slot racing holiday experiences I had. This quote from axman caught my eye. I was in either Bundy or Rocky (can't remember now) around 1997 (just passing through for one arvo/night ) and I came across a commercial slotracing center in the CBD somewhere. Would that have been this track do you reckon at that time ? Also....around 2006 ish I was staying in Forster for a few days, and there was a slot center on the main road of Forster (MacIntosh St I think). I stopped off and had a go with a hire car, I was the only one there & the fellow running it was a lovely bloke...I hadn't driven a slot for years, but loved it. Anyone have any recollection of this track & or photos ? regards Mal.
  6. Wish I wasn't in Tassie sometimes......great looking track, darn it.
  7. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    On a recent visit to a wonderful automobile museum in Launceston, I managed to pick up a few very nice di-cast models (VW Beetle, AC Cobra & Aston-Martin DB5) to add to the paddock car park scene.... http:// http:// That's all for now !
  8. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    The finished product replaced the standard scalex control tower (which looked very much out of place) http:// The pits were adapted from a Greenhills garage kit & includes the open top level spectator stand above the pits (which is where my Dad and uncle watched the 1965 Australian Grand Prix from, and saw Bruce McLaren win from Jack Brabham is one of the great GPs of all time) http:// And a couple of overall shots down the Pit straight.... http:// http://
  9. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    Hey all, so, some more small improvements. I've been working on improving the look of the pit/control tower area to fit the period & track I'm trying to highlight. My very basic scenic building skills are highly evident in these, but anyway, here we go ! first, the control tower & pits I did up hoping to capture the feel of the tower & pits at the start finish line at the Longford track. Looking something like this: http:// The original tower being 3 story would have looked too high & out of place on the track, so I scaled it to 2 levels, but tried to still capture the feel of it. using foam board, Publisher & basic laser printing..... http://
  10. Are you suggesting I might purloin anything not attached ? .....me painting figures....there's a recipe for disaster !
  11. Not sure if this is the right spot for this, as it does specifically mention cars, but anyway.....if anyone has any spare scenic figures (1:43 - 1.32 or thereabouts) that you'd be happy to sell, please let me know. The usual goto location for decently priced figures (the chinese ebay stores) are basically non operational ATM. Happy to check out anything, but really looking for figures to fill out a 1960s style control tower with officials, reporters & guest type figures. cheers Mal.
  12. Hi all, g'day Dennis ! just my 2c worth .......which is about 2c more than my input is usually worth paying for ! Anyway, my Thunderslot experience may slightly differ from BigDen as I had been running the Lola spyder in a recent series (some of which was run on the same track as Dennis has been lapping on in the McLaren. My tweaks of the spyder were: 1 - replacing the original Thunderslot guide with a standard slot-it guide, this was just personal preference as I didn't like the thunderslot style, I do think it made it more reliable in the cornering though. 2- Added a little weight right in the middle of the chassis (in front of the engine) 3- and obviously worked the original rear tyres down, which are very decent tyres anyway really. I'd think about getting the slicks for the next series. That's it - The chassis is soft yes, I don't know if it made much difference though, it was that quick with the standard one. And the chassis screws were slightly loosened to allow a little rock although the weight of the bodies on these (the spyders at least) are the lightest of any commercial car around, so there's really not much body roll at all. I love the motor on these as well, seem to be so much more driveable than NSRs out of the box, not as twitchy by a long way. All this allowed me to win a series in the local club racing late last year, which in all honesty was entirely down to the car being that much better than anything else. i reckon anyone of our drivers could have won with this thing. I love it.
  13. Well, this is an older topic that I thought was worth a comment on in current circumstances. I for one, am very thankful that forums such as this still exist. In the wake of F Books bully boy tactics in this country I am certainly re-considering my need for it being a part of my life anymore, and I'll wager quite a few others are in the same boat. If this means a return to a higher level of interest in this style of discussion group, then that would be a very good thing. Thanks to all who continue this platform.
  14. There are certainly still many that have a very good idea of what was lost as well Rosco ! What is more galling, is the lack of awareness of local tourism bodies that have no idea of the opportunities & interest that could be generated in just some things such as basic information signage around the old circuit & some development (a walk down to & under the viaduct, & along to the river crossing etc). BUUT, looks like this is a Tasman proxy thread....so I'll get in trouble if I go off on any more tangents !
  15. Yes, seem to be . I ordered a back scene from the UK (New Modellers Shop), it was dispatched on the 19th of Jan, and it arrived here all the way down to Tassie yesterday. Didn't think that was too bad actually. And to add to this the item was extremely well wrapped & was in perfect condition. Good work from this company.
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