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  1. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    Hey all, just an update on the track that was just as much a surprise to me ! I just returned home after a week away (watching the First Ashes test actually, but that's another matter !). I happened to come back on my Birthday, and to my delight I found my family had "Christmased" the track & to top it off there was a lovely new car waiting on it as my Birthday present.....thought I should share their work with you.... http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  2. They need to make super glue in 1 use only size Phil ....that about all i get out of one, by the time I go back to a newly opened tube a day or so later the cap is glued on that hard I have to pliers it off...which usually destroys the plastic cap anyway. And I'm not sure if my wife would be all that chuffed if I tried to store in the fridge :-)
  3. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    And got a couple of them onto the track: http:// http:// http://
  4. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    made a couple more signs over the weekend http://
  5. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    Finally, completed a couple of period signs last night to install in the appropriate locations: http://
  6. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    And the spectator bridge got a signage upgrade (More accurate to the track on which my scenery is based): (Just need to work on some stairs to access it now) http://
  7. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    A little village service station on the road in ......scenic download from the excellent Wordsworth Model Railway site: http://
  8. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    There have been some groves of trees growing since the last update......but there will be more to come: http://
  9. Malomay

    Sorell Creek Track

    G'day all, a few little additions to keep me amused while I await a deliver for a major scenic update....to follow soon hopefully... The pub corner needed a little beer garden I thought, basic fence & bench seating kit from miniart fit the bill: http://
  10. That looks ruddy brilliant ! That would fit in perfectly as a cottage on my 1960s Longford themed track......there's houses exactly like that in the town part of Tannery straight !
  11. Hey Tony, are you planning on putting it on your track on a blind uphill left hander......right on the inside slots racing line ? :-) cheers, Mal.
  12. I measured mine.....my eyesight isn't that bad that I cant read the numbers :-)
  13. And also.....what's their excuse for having a wider front wheel track than the rear ??
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