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  1. I’ve had a go at modelling, in 1:32, the Corkscrew corner of Laguna Seca fame. I designed it to print on my Prusa i3 and then glue/dowel/weld the pieces together. I ended up with two track pieces – an R2 left turn and an R3 right turn. See a YouTube of the 1:32 Corkscrew in action here. (0:22) See a YouTube of how the track pieces join here. (3:11) Not all my cars can make it through the corner, especially the inner lane of the R2. My V8Supercars with mid magnet are fine. My magless cars are fine. My modern Nascars don’t make it – a combination of low ride height and a strong rear magnet. My Slot.it 956/962 Porsches can get through but the speed has to be just right and they slither over the initial hump. Thanks for having a Captain Cook.
  2. I was on holidays in Europe last September. Could have gone to the Italian GP, but went the WRX in France instead. The start chute means they can set up the next race while the current race is on, so the action is constant. I positioned myself with a good view of the joker exit. Standing on a muddy bank, in the rain, packed in with thousands of people, in a cloud of cigarette smoke, mightn't sound like a grand day out - but it is my favourite memory of the holiday. Very entertaining. I can understand your reluctance to register for Onshape. I object to the way internet sites intrude into my life, unasked! I considered going with Fusion 360 since they have a free hobbyist option too. But I went with Onshape because: - its an easier interface for no-previous-experience CAD users - I want users to interact with dimensioning because no 2 printers/settings will produce the exact same dimensions of finished product - the files are immediately public and available to everyone Here's the downside. You don't have the software - it's on the "cloud". You don't have the files - they're on the "cloud". So I can't put the files somewhere where you can download them because I can't got them myself! Intrusion with a capital "I". However, exporting stl versions of the files is a 2 x click operation, and these can be stored and transmitted. If you want me to send you an stl or two, just let me know, I'd be happy to do that for you.
  3. Library update. These CAD models are now on Onshape.com. Search for "Printatrak" after selecting "Public" in left column. I haven't tested every possible length/radius/sweep combination, so please let me know if there's a problem with some combination you would like to print. Straight 1 x border by race runner, on Flickr Straight 2 x border by race runner, on Flickr Curve 1 x border by race runner, on Flickr Curve 2 x border by race runner, on Flickr
  4. Hi guys. Thanks for your interest in this topic. I printed the prototypes (seen in YouTube clip) vertically on edge, but have reverted to printing flat for the Printatrak designs. Printing vertically on edge is relatively time consuming and the printer settings I chose made it even longer. Referring to the YouTube clip, the four corner-with-borders pieces each took 12 hours to print. The two straight-with-borders pieces each took 24 hours to print. Grunz, the reason I printed in brown plastic is so that when my friends come over they will have a cue that the grip level might be different. Sort of channelling Rallycross. Cheers Peter
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