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  1. Also im sure you guys play sport. Mat does some chainsaw thing. You hard go nar mate, all good we trained hard but hey its social so if we come last all good. Human nature is to compete for something!
  2. Each to there own. Clearly this is why your not racing in the Nationals. Yet no points no championship. What are you racing to achive? No insensitive to try or even come first! Imagine motorsport nar mate its all good come last it wont matter! Or afl/rugby nar come last its just for fun! Dosent matter what it is we all compete! If we dont have something to drive or push us to excell then whats the point! But i keep forgetting its a social club. Not a slotcar club
  3. Mat you wont be fast enough. Two you will run out of f..... ks because you crash so much
  4. Only 4 interested drivers. And update on track from kart racer braid is lifting again in four sections.
  5. Also video game racer(mat). We are all entitled to our opinion. I wouldn't worry mat. Most of us are not available for the race
  6. Yes its a picture! Still isnt proving that the braid is fixed.
  7. Time has been volunteer in the past with a no thank you. Even a current member asked to fix the track and was told no thanks. Hardly then makes you want to. We even suggest working bees which fell flat. With nothing happening. So i look into your own people attending before asking people from out of town or ex racers.
  8. No one is feeding sir. We just want straight answers so we dont waste or time driving down to a bad event. Last time we put up with the other track. Im told this is a different track. Thats has a few problems. We want assurance that these matters are fixed. With some proof
  9. Not replaced braid. Hmm and no its not in cams rules. Its part of the national rule set. Put out by a group of drivers stating gloss gooed tracks.
  10. If you dont goo the track then its not to the national ruel set. So your replacing the braid. Interesting as the owner stated nothing wrong with the braid. Yet its been glued down with super glue. We will need photos to show repairs of track. And a clear and full ruel set. Gooed track to national standards.
  11. Agreed track is in very bad shape. Braid lifting. Glued down with superglue so that area is now stiff and hard. Deslots cars. Power problems and still problems not address from last time we all travelled to canberra for the last v8 race. Unless all problems are fixed. Its a utter waste of our time to drive to Canberra.
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