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  1. Thank you for running the round!!! Congratulations Lancelot, SirJimmyslots and Sports Racer on your win and podiums.
  2. Brumos RSR

    SRC Porsche 907

    https://src.es/en/store/spare-parts-sb/porsche-907k-l-parts/body-907k-00111/ heres a body
  3. congratulations 32 Coupe, Sports Racer and Dp201 on your win and podiums. There is definitely something a miss with m Clio, it should not be slow down the straight. Race on we will work on the cure for next season. Thank you for posting the results and hosting our toy cars.
  4. Brumos RSR

    SRC Porsche 907

    I have an olipher 3D printed chassis I could sell cheap
  5. I’d enter, a one / two country proxy using the current IPS rules or moving to 16k limit.
  6. I wish someone could/ would take over the IPS even if it’s just in 1 continent, the cars were cool and the competition fun. I have Porsche 904s ready to race. These are the slowest cars I own but they are a ton of fun to drive. Love the Touring Car Proxy also.
  7. Gentlemen builders have accepted the penalty let’s race on. Personally I have no way of even knowing if I have enough magnetic affect. I’m learning my lesson on the BRM motors as you guys are confirming they are quick. I can promise you, there will be a few in my future for wood track racing. That’s what I love about proxy racing around the world you pick up something from everyone THANK YOU!!
  8. Continue to stay safe with lockdown. I hear this thing typically stops at the front door, but on occasion has a mind of its own and enters buildings. I believe the builders are completely comfortable with waiting for the optimal time while thinking of your safety first. Have a great weekend which you Aussie’s have already started of course.
  9. I thought that was a GREAT showing of the cars Sports Racer!!! That one eleven is going to be a tough car to catch. But I must also say, that all the cars continue to get quicker as I campaign in my 3rd Touring car proxy.
  10. Based on tire wear history, please do not run my car until it’s time for racing. Greatly appreciated Brumos RSR
  11. He is one of the premier Thunderslot tuners in the world. My question is the spring set up looked much different than set ups on past TS cars. What did you find out? I wish this was video taped or YouTubed for the North American guys who enjoy Dave’s builds. You lucky (insert team name for the race) I’m kidding of course.
  12. Wow, almost 6 weeks for delivery, I thought the car was there a few weeks ago.
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