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  1. Revoslot out the box are no match for an out of the box NSR. But they are great cars to race against each other. For EVERY Revoslot part you think you may need http://www.132slotcar.us The video is perfect for tuning after you have trued the tires, aligned the bushings and set the gear mesh https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KfVUdSRHgS8&feature=emb_logo Sir Superslab advanced plus tuning for the Revoslot https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LaNzCRVD0Fo
  2. No magnet, it’s 3 stacked tungsten weights totaling 4.5 grams. There will be more next season
  3. Sharknose Ferrari Scalextric Samson Classic (DSC) Slotting plus MrSlotCar Pinion Slot It gear Paul Gage tires, RSslot f/r wheels
  4. Congratulations Sports Racer on your Touring Car Championship and 32Coupe and Aloha on your podium finishes. To the other builders who are happy with their results congratulations and for those who are not I wish you the best next series. Finally, I didnt expect the stars to line up perfectly in the last race of the series. Given I have no way of ever testing on these tracks, I’m happy with the current result but I will need to work on the car becoming more consistent going forward as I expect the competition to continue to improve.
  5. I’m committed to the Clio for this series next year so I will work on making it more drivable. I’m just glad the tires lasted a season. Unlike last year as a rookie to the series. Good luck to the builders, good luck to you all in final round.
  6. Wow, nice round Gentlemen. Thank you for getting the most out of my Silver Clio, back next year with a tweak or two but pretty much the same. Good luck to all in the finale.....but not too much luck as we are pretty close 5-8th.
  7. Thank you Gentlemen for the run congratulations to the podium getters and. Nice race ArroldN it was close there. Looking forward to round 11 as I still have a mild shot at a top 6
  8. Congratulations 32Coupe, Sports Racer and Aloha on your win and podium finishes. Close racing close racing 6th-9th. On to the next round.
  9. Jimmy, what’s the difference between your T plate and the factory T plate, other than the color and shape. What were your results from the change? Good luck in the GT3 proxy.
  10. Thanks for the run. Congratulations 32 Coupe, Aloha and Sports Racer, I will need to work on getting my car more consistent next series. The feedback, video and commentary is very helpful. Tony
  11. I have a white kit minus the motor! wheels, tires and axles. It's been in the case for a few years all parts are new and must go together. 26.00 shipped. Shipping is probably 26.00
  12. Congratulations to the podium getters. Looks like a rebuild to compete next year.
  13. Munter, my order from you I would consider timely. Not sure how long but I was surprised when it arrived
  14. PG, I'm definitely on board with all of the items above. Not too sure on 25k motors though. I would need to run a brick tyre to make it through twelve races
  15. Peter Gunn, there are at least 4 builders here using plastic tracks and have the same exact disadvantages as you, me included. I also recognize many are at different stages of experience of proxy racing toy cars, from knowledge, tuning and an access to tuning tools. If you recall, last year my non shaved Paul Gage tires exploded racing this proxy and I suggested the car get parked as that's what I'm familiar with. I had no idea what a difference these tracks are compared to North American wood tracks and I'm learning. I will NEVER run a tire manufactured by Super Tires for personal reasons, so I'm still experimenting when it comes to this series as I believe others are too. Also I believe ALS was kidding about the 3 sets of tires. I enter this proxy for similar reasons, but mostly because it's a fun break from the pressures of other proxies I compete in. Also Sports Racer makes them fun, it's weekly which keeps the interest and it helps keep our hobby alive.
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