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  1. Hi Alan I'm very sorry there won't be a Tasman series next year but fully understand why; its sounds like its been a tough time recently. In any case I suspect it won't be a bad thing to take a break for a year to take stock and reconsider the rules and format (how about a series for the later, 2.5 litre cars?). Very best wishes to all of you in Australia who have made the series possible and to all the people who have taken part. David
  2. Thank you for running the round Lenny and to everyone for driving, marshalling and general support. Congratulations to the podium chaps. A bit of improvement for the 156 despite the front axle loss. If you think one of the wheel grub screws is ruined please would someone replace it for me? Best Regards David
  3. Hi Alan As you might expect I'd support a concours but separate from the racing. I think its quite difficult for 'overseas' entrants to be competitive as we have no experience of Australian track conditions and what works and what doesn't. My cars are usually quick on UK tracks and have done well in proxies here. I have no problem with being un-competitive and try to learn from each event so my car is better next time. It would be good though to have an added incentive such as a concours. Yes I'm a bit of a rivet counter and proud of it!! Best Regards David
  4. Thanks to everyone for running Round 3 and congratulations to the top three. I'm now resigned to my fate in the bottom quarter. Best Regards David
  5. Many thanks for posting the results Phil and to everyone who made the round happen. Congratulations to the podium three. I'm pleased to see John Surtees and the Ferrari performed a little better at Shelmore - almost mid-field! Best Regards David
  6. Thank you to everyone who made the race possible and congratulations to the the podium three. I thought my Ferrari was much better than last year; obviously not although it did manage 3 more laps than in 2018. I should have built something new and lighter. Best Regards David
  7. Hi Alan The missing details for my car are: Wheels RS; Gear Ratio 9:23; Motor SRP 18k; Body Mitcham/Warren; Guide TSRF. I don't know what the urethane rear tyres are, I found them my collection and they seemed to work but I don't know where they're from. Best Regards David
  8. Hi Alan The Ferrari 156 is on its way! Best Regards David
  9. Here's my car for this year. Basically its an update of last year's with, hopefully, tyres that work. Its the earlier 156 '63 from the Monaco GP. The last picture includes a Parnell Lotus 25 BRM I've been working on for another proxy. Best Regards David
  10. Hi Alan I'll enter again despite last year's disastrous showing. A Ferrari 156 but this time the Monaco car, number 21. So that releases number 7. Best Regards David
  11. David Micham

    Brabham Bt17

    As Phil Kalbfell knows I've been wanting to carve and cast a resin body shell of the Brabham BT17 - Jack's 5 litre Repco engined Group 7 sports car based on the BT8 which he raced a couple of times in the UK - it was fast but fragile. I'd gathered a few photographs, made a guesstimate drawing (although I have never found a rear end view of the car) and even started blocking it out. Then other things got in the way. However Phil let me know this morning that the BT17 had been displayed at an event in Melbourne recently and sent me a photograph. https://image.ibb.co...Ff/IMG-2850.jpg I'm wondering if any Forum members went to the event and have any photographs of the car they would be willing to let me have. Best Regards David
  12. Hi Alan The Ferrari 156 arrived last week sometime - we've been away in Spain with all the family so I don't know exactly when. Many thanks - the car looks much as it did when I handed it over to you in March. Thank you too for the rear brackets. Best Regards David
  13. Many thanks for everyone involved in running Round 7 and congratulations to the podium guys. Best Regards David
  14. Thank you to everyone who took part, organised and ran the races and congratulations to the podium three. Even though its been something of a disaster ( I suppose I should say 'a learning opportunity') for me I'll be back next year hopefully with a car which is at least mid-field competitive. Best Regards David
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