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  1. I'm hoping to join in again for 2019 but it depends on whether I have time to fix the things that I know can be improved on my car so put me down as a maybe and I'll confirm once timings and rule changes are announced. Colin
  2. My car has arrived safely home. Thanks to everyone involved in running rounds and particularly for organising the whole event - just packaging the cars up to send them back must have taken up a huge amount of time ! For any UK based slot rally fans, we are running a slot rally at the Oxford Club on 24th February. If you are interested, there are more details here Oxford Slot Rally Colin
  3. Thanks for the Athens rounds and feedback. Photos are great - I can see my car has taken a bit of a pounding which isn't surprising as it sounds like it is a bit of a handful on your tracks.
  4. Yes, guilty as charged. Thanks for the photos and especially the videos. Always fun to see what it is like getting the cars round the track.
  5. Wow, a podium. I vote for SS3 to be the same direction as SS2 ! We are on holiday in a Wales so the kids now want to find Ralio Cymru HQ to watch a stage !
  6. I was beginning to wonder what had happened to my car (#5) after generally being mid table obscurity and occasionally flirting with the higher reaches of the table, the last couple of rounds it has been in the bottom 4 or 5 with loads of offs so I'd assumed something must have broken but I guess I've just prepped a diva that only behaves on the tracks it likes ! Unless of course you mistook a 2 for a 5 and I should be bottom and Peter Gunn 11th ! Thanks for all the stages Dave - you must be exhausted but I hope it has been fun. Colin
  7. Judging by my time in the second Scottish stage, #5 had quite a few offs so is probably a bit battered ! Thanks for your efforts to fix it. Hope you manage to free the axle up a bit more tomorrow... Colin
  8. Thanks for the update - shame about the off. Without that I might have managed upper mid table obscurity ! Looking forward to Stage 2
  9. Wow - I'm away for a couple of days and miss 3 stages. Thanks for running a great round Branco and especially for taking the time to give feedback on the cars.
  10. I hope your logic holds for me as 19th, 16th, 5th must mean I'm finishing with a win.
  11. Ooops - and here was me hoping that my car would like New Zealand better than Australia Lovely photo of it though. Lets hope Stage 2 is a little better
  12. It is really tight in the competition that really matters - who is the top UK entrant. For a few glorious moments while reading the standings after Round 3 I was out on my own and then I scrolled down to the table including Round 4 and it turned into a three way tie on 44. Is there a track out there that JAMC's car doesn't excel on....?
  13. Thanks for running the last couple of rounds Phil. It shows how much it is the track not the driver as after 5th on Shelmore Park, I've dropped to 17th on the Hillclimb ! Congratulations to the top 3.
  14. Lovely looking track but looks like my car isn't too keen on it...
  15. Another great round - thanks for running it Phil. I'm delighted with 5th Congratulations to JAMC, Branco and Gas41T Peter - you were 6th overall
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